Wednesday, April 1, 2015

I will not even try to work with BISD, this is going to the AG with a copy to the FBI .  This is an intentional obstruction of justice.  In Dallas Salinas would get hit with major discovery sanctions.

My request is very specific.  Minerva Peña told me Cesar Lopez said he sent an email to Otis Powers requesting a special board meeting for the stop gap insurance.  My request could not be any simpler.

What they gave me was two discs with over 1100 pages of emails dealing with everything from United Brownsville, to books, to travel - to articles in the Herald - to everything under the sun. 

This is an old stunt by unethical attorneys.  You answer discovery by giving your opponent boxes of information they did not ask for while concealing what they want like a needle in a haystack.  It was a stupid move - but Salinas was hired because when he worked for the Brownsville Housing Authority he was a reliable obstructionist willing to justify any and all illegal acts by Antonio Juarez, Art Rendon, and Pat Lehmann.

I will get a response - but only after the AG threatens to sue them.  What the stunt does is tells the FBI  Miguel Salinas has something to hide concerning the insurance debacle.  Do not count on this Board firing him - he is their little whore and a proud one at that.  Remember I know him since law school  - I know who he is and what he is like.  There is a truth which will come out sooner than later.  This entire Board at BISD is hopelessly corrupt and will run cover for one another until the bitter end.


Anonymous said...

If you do get the disc will you be able to post some of the information that it contains?

BobbyWC said...

I will publish every email which answers the question or the fact they do not exist

bobby WC

Anonymous said...

What a shit eating grin he has