Monday, April 27, 2015

I have a lot of documents.  Be patient.  But in short order I will post excerpts from two which show how being Ben Neece's mouth piece means time served with less than 24 hours in jail will get you out of over $500 in fines, and one DWI and Public Intoxication after another.
This story took weeks to develop.  The police department fought me.  Then the city fought me.  It was only Friday afternoon that the city finally released the documents I paid for  two weeks earlier.  Ben Neece as the supervisor over the Chief Administrator immediately ran to Juanito to post a story to discredit me before I post this story.  Juanito being pathetic goes on to say I will post his mug shot today in response.  No, the story was already done.  It was just Juanito trying to create a distraction.  No one bought and Ben Neece ended up looking stupid.  Further by going to Juanito to create the distraction he gave me just that much more for the Commission on Judicial Conduct.
Give me a few minutes and the first few documents will be up.
During the period the Commission was investigating Ben Neece for his special relationship with Juan Montoya, Ben Neece continued to do special favors for Juanito.  Ben Neece was sanctioned for his conduct.  The new complaint will allow the Commission to compare Ben Neece's previous written responses to the Commission with the evidence that while he was under investigation he continued to confer special privileges on Juanito.
The Sanction from the Texas Commission on Judicial Conduct.
Here we go -

"Based on numerous entries on a Facebook page, it was apparent to the public that the judge was

actively involved as an organizer of a charitable fundraiser in violation of Canon 4C(2) of the

Texas Code of Judicial Conduct. The judge was aware that his name and judicial title were being

used to promote the fundraiser, to sell tickets, and to solicit funds, yet he took no affirmative

steps to correct that impression. The judge's active participation in the fundraiser also conveyed

the impression that the parent of the recipients of the charitable funds was in a special position to influence the judge and raised questions about the judge's impartiality [Violation of 2B and 4C(2) of the Texas Code of Judicial Conduct.] Private Warning and Order of Additional

Education of a Municipal Court Judge. (08/23/ 12)

47 - see bottom of page


September 13, 2012"

 See Page 47 (click here)  of Private Reprimands

In considering the following, note this is what the Commission on Judicial Conduct said about Ben Neece's relationship with Montoya.

The judge's active participation in the fundraiser also conveyed

the impression that the parent of the recipients of the charitable funds was in a special position to influence the judge and raised questions about the judge's impartiality

The Commission made the finding on September 13, 2012

It is also important to note I filed my complaint with the Commission on Judicial Conduct on January 20, 2011.   If Ben Neece lied in communications to the Commission on Judicial Conduct he could actually be indicted for criminal conduct.

What the two excerpts show is that Juanito was arrested per a capias for failing to pay fines for previous guilty pleas.  Per the capias he was arrested on May 7, 2013.  There were two capiases.  One had a fine of $325.00 and the other $225.00.  With total fines of $550, which required Juanito be arrested to collect the money, Ben Neece less than 24 hours later gave him time served.  If you think you would get the same treatment, you are delusional.
Now the summary from the city will show endless special treatment by Ben Neece for Juanito during the period when the Commission on Judicial Conduct was investigating Ben Neece for his relationship with Juanito.  If Ben Neece denied the relationship in his communications, these documents will sink him.

This is how it works for people without special privileges with corrupt judges.  When you are on a bond PR or otherwise and you break the law again while on the PR bond your bond is pulled until payment is made and a non-PR bond issued for the new crime.  This is not what the following documents show Ben Neece did.  With DWI after DWI, Ben Neece failed to pull the previous PR bond he set, while giving Juanito a new PR bond for yet another DWI.  I can assure you, any non-corrupt judge would have set the bond high enough to keep Juanito in jail while imposing strict restrictions on driving to include a breatherlizer on his car before he could start it.
But like the Commission on Judicial Conduct said - there was an appearance of a special relationship between Ben Neece and Juanito.  This time they cannot say an appearance because what the summary from the city shows is, Ben Neece continue to act for Juanito even while  he was under investigation by the commission on judicial conduct.

In the assault case, after then ADA Star Jones dismissed the charges against Juanito, she left the DA's office and joined forces with Ben Neece to sue BISD - who was hired to be their mouth piece ?- Juanito


Are you tired of this nonsense yet?  Juanito under pay from the bonding companies is attacking the county indigent program for discounted bonds.  At least the people getting discounted bonds from the county are paying something whereas Ben Neece insures Juanito always walks on PR bonds with no payment.  And when he skips - he gets timed served for over $500 in fines - time served about 24 hours.  According to the police this not how the judges normally handle such a large fine- especially after the defendant skipped and had to be brought back in on a capias..  24 hours is not what you get for $550 in fines.
Section 19. - Investigations by commission.
The commission may investigate the financial transactions of any office or department of the city government, and the acts and conduct of any official or employee. In conducting such investigation, the commission may compel the attendance of witnesses, the production of books and papers, and other evidence, and for that purpose may issue subpoenas or attachments which shall be signed by the mayor; which may be served and executed by any officer authorized by law to serve subpoenas or other process, or any peace officer of the city. If any witness shall refuse to appear or to testify to any facts within his knowledge, or to produce any papers, or books in his possession, or under his control, relating to the matter under investigation before the commission, the commission shall have the power to cause the witness to be punished for contempt, not exceeding a fine of one hundred dollars ($100.00) and three days in the city prison. No witness shall be excused from testifying, touching his knowledge of the matter under investigation in any inquiry, but such testimony shall not be used against him in any criminal prosecution except for perjury committed upon such inquiry."
It is time an investigation is commenced.  Janie Cano needs to be interviewed and asked why on April 15, 2015, she had the summary of the information I wanted prepared, but refused to release it until  April 24, 2015, after I made it clear to the Chief Administrator who works for Ben Neece, that I was going to the FBI.
Why was I told on April 9, 2015, I would be given disposition sheets if I paid $7.00 which I did, and then blown off when I went back  for them on the 15th.  Later the Chief Administrator Roberto Baez told me there are no such things as a disposition sheet.  Fine - but then why did Janie Cano tell me I had to pay $7 to get the disposition sheets?  Her term not mine.
Why was I told if I wanted to see the original files I would have to pay $125.00.
Charlie Cabler must call in Roberto Baez and Janie Cano and demand to know what they told Ben Neece and when.  They both must explain the delay. Remember they both work for Ben Neece who they knew and Ben Neece knew was the target of the investigation.
Although the Commission can start an investigation and bring in witnesses, including Juanito, they will not.  If they do their job they will learn the truth about the special privileges and the money the city is losing. They will also learn which attorneys clients pay no fines as charges are routinely dismissed.  This is costing the city a lot of money. 
The corruption must end.
The Commission on Judicial Conduct will open another investigation.  And we can all be assured, Charlie Cabler will do nothing.  I suspect Ben Neece has corrupted the process for so many city officials and their families that everyone fears taking action.
I have never asked any public official to do any favors for me.  Years ago I had a ticket before Benny Ochoa.  Benny is good friends with relatives of a relative.  They offered to help.  I said - no.  I went before Benny Ochoa and paid the same fine as everyone else.
The most Juanito can say about people I know is, a non relative had a criminal trespass case dismissed after the State abandoned the case for years.  The law mandates dismissal after the state abandons the case.  It is called a right to a speedy trial.  I asked for no special favors.  As a citizen to the right of free speech I communicated with Saenz that his office had enforced a bogus capias against this victim of domestic abuse. 
She went to court on her own to try and clear up the mess upon learning her abuser's lawyer was going to try and have her arrested at the trial.  But Judge  David Gonzales even after being informed by his staff that the capias in her name was void because she was never sent a notice to appear, had her arrested anyway in front of her abuser.  DA Saenz realizing his staff messed up big time, in the interest of justice dismissed the old abandoned criminal trespass case.  This is all Juanito has.
And as to her abuser.  He is in jail in San Antonio looking at 15 to 60 years for another assault because Saenz basically let him walk without even consulting the victim.


Anonymous said...

So much corruption in our judicial system. This is not right to do favors to certain individuals. Have you asked Commissioner Tetreau why has this happen in her time as commissioner and what is she planning on doing if re-elected?

Anonymous said...

Mr bob got a call from a friend that there's a proposition on the city ballads something about a building NEW CITy Hall worded very tricky.just thought you can shed some light on this with your readers.on top of the 30 million in co now they want a NEW CITy hall

BobbyWC said...

Cabled has blocked Evert enquiry. One commissioner can do nothing.
But I have been told if the numbers are there the common will convene a formal investigation. It is all in the numbers.

Bobby wc

Anonymous said...

You are right Bobby, Tetreau is a COMMISIONER and you are wrong saying that she can't do nothing.mShe can voice her concern, but she remains silent, and I am not trying to smear her or anything like that, just making a point that even if the numbers are not there, a commissioner should speak out for the citizens if she sees something is wrong with the system.....not stay silent because the numbers are not there. This goes for all commissioners not just her.....but she is a commissioner and has remained silent on issues that should have been aired out,like Cabler's shortcomings as an administrator and Sossi as city attourney.

BobbyWC said...

So pushing Sossi and Cabler to remove Lincoln Park from the last resolution was not raising a concern?

She raises these type issues all of the time.

But Sossi and Cabler lie to keep their jobs. She does not have the four votes. Had she had the four votes she could have removed Lincoln Park from the last vote.

Also, Sossi and Cabler are not really friendly to her. Just because she is not on Facebook making a scene does not mean she is not asking questions.

Further, you cannot represent a district by pissing off the majority all of the time.

In all governmental entities there must be compromise wherein you must vote against your judgment to get what you need for your district.

It is the nature of the beast.

But your claim she does not speak out is just incorrect.

She was the first to speak out on Lincoln Park - she spoke out to take Lincoln Park off the agenda item last week. She does this all of the time.

So either you do not watch the meetings, or you are a Zarate supporter trying to start a lie.

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

I agree with you and because the language was tricky and I do not trust Tony or Galonsky I voted no

Bobby WC