Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Well yesterday, after the packing was taken out, I felt better - I could breath through my nose.  Well that was a bit deceptive.  I did sleep pretty well - more or less last night.  But yesterday I way over did it.  I did a little bit of cleaning.  I made a nice dinner and pumpkin pie.

Well all of that was over doing it.  I have spent most of the day in bed.  I am sleeping. It's tricky because they do not want me to use my CPAP, but that is like saying sleep without breathing.  So I have the bandages covering the nostrils so the forced air only goes in my mouth.

When the body says rest - rest.  Just because you feel better after surgery does not mean you should be standing cleaning and cooking.

I'm off back to bed, after I reset the pool filter timer.  Somehow it got messed up.

But guys, give yourself a few days - just because you feel better does not mean your body does not need a lot of rest.

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