Tuesday, March 24, 2015


UPDATE:  BISD just sent me the confirming email that Presas-Garcia had to limit her travel.  Then there are pages and pages of related matters.  I do not have time now to read them.  I will tonight. I will note that when I scan the documents there is a pattern, BISD cancels her travel and then she says an email she is cancelling her travel because business is calling her out of the country.  Where is her  commitment to BISD if she has to keep on cancelling meetings to travel internationally?  In one email she makes a big deal as to how important these meeting are to BISD.  Which is it Cata?


Here are documents responsive to Item 2 for Public Request #7994. An extension letter was sent on Item 1 as per School Attorney Miguel Salinas.

Esperanza Zendejas has joined the conspiracy to cover-up the insurance gate scandal and the travel-gate bribe between Presas-Garcia and Carl Montoya.

My first request was the email sent by Cesar Lopez to Otis Powers asking for an emergency meeting for the stop-gap insurance offered by Klement.  It is a simple request, why refuse to produce it? - it does not exist.  Minerva Peña told me Cesar assured her he demanded the special meeting - fine then why not produce the email demanding the meeting.  For now it appears Cesar Lopez was part of the insurance gate mess along with Otis Powers.  Until the email is produced - we all have a right to believe he lied to Minerva Peña. Joe Rodriguez who is running the show has to protect Cesar Lopez, and in the process as part of the compromise Cata Presas-Garcia gets protected.

BISD is way over due on my open records request for the email Carl Montoya sent to all of the trustees limiting travel to one national trip a year.  He sent the email on the eve of the vote to extend his contract.  He needed Presas-Garcia's vote - but she was suing him for violating her rights.

Presas-Garcia voted to extend Carl Montoya's contract even though she was suing him for violating her rights, while making the taxpayers pay for Carl Montoya's defense.  She then got authorization to travel.

My open records request was for the email to the trustees with particular focus on Presas-Garcia and Carl Montoya's reversal on his own policy just days later in order to get Presas-Garcia to vote for his contract extension. This is a criminal act which Zendejas has now joined.

How do I know this, Minerva Peña read them to me over the phone.  Minerva kept me informed of all the going on in Executive Sessions within the rules. 

So after being late on responding what did I get from BISD.

My request and answer:


Anonymous said...

Then simply deny their request noting that it is past due and no propietary issues have been raised, therefore they are presently in violation with no recourse but to immediately comply by close of buaineas today.

BobbyWC said...

The process as created by the AG is a joke - my recourse is to send an enforcement letter. I am doing that. The AG will then send them a letter of - will you comply or will we have to sue you.

The AG then waives all failure to timely respond and allows them to object is they want.

The Legislature needs to Amend the law to force the AG to enforce it

It is a joke which is why all entities basically ignore it

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Bobby, do you think that the people responsible for the insurance gate scandal will be indicted eventually?

BobbyWC said...

No, in the Villalobos case although I believe he was guilty as sin I saw no real evidence of money transfer to him. The FBI totally failed on this issue. They will never prove money transfer in this case.

The consequences will be during the next election.

BObby WC