Tuesday, March 31, 2015


29 years ago come October I had what today is called a TIA.  Arlington Texas did not even have an MRI machine.  They originally saw build up of the brain fluid on a cat scan.  I was transported to Fort Worth for the MRI.  I had two neurologist arguing over the meaning of the results so I let it go.  I followed up with the VA and was told there were not enough MRI pictures of the brain at that time to form a medical opinion.  In that the only symptom was the TIA, it was decided to watch it.  Until this day I do not have full use of my right fingers.

Guys, never, ever trust a radiology report.  This was a very advanced MRI - The doctor was able to show me without any problem not only the build up of brain fluid, but also how it was impacting the hypothalamus and putting pressure on the pituitary gland.  He then explained how that brain fluid pressure is what is causing the pressure on the optic nerves.

It was so clear.

I am already scheduled for complex sinus surgery on April 20, 2015.  The neurosurgeon wants to see how the sinus surgery impacts the pressure on the optic nerves.  He also wants to see if it releases some of the pressure.  In early June the pressure on the optic nerves will be measured again and then the surgery will be scheduled.


I never go unprepared.  He agreed with me while the surgery looks scary he can do it blind folded.  It seems scary because they are cutting into the brain, but it is also one of the most basic surgeries even done on children all of the time.  I am just relieved someone finally agrees it is time.  A neurologist recommended it 6 years ago, but was overruled because the mentality is to treat it with hormone replacement therapy and other pills.  The internal damage to my body is massive.  It is going to get done - I am just agreeing to some other options pending the surgery.  If the other options fail then the surgery is a go.  It is just a formality so the VA cannot refuse the surgery.

Because I am in a good mood - a gift.

Susan Boyle moves me not just for the words of the song, but because of who she represents.  She represents the best of humanity.  She reminds people who think they are better that a little humility will allow them the gift of a Susan Boyle.

There is only one song which moves me more that Susan Boyle's rendition of "I Dreamed a Dream." That is "Amazing Grace"


After 29 years of waiting I have finally found a surgeon who understands what this has done to my body. I could not be happier for what is going to happen over the next 6 months or so. Be patient people - Joshua has his ways.

I am going to take this and document the 29 years of declining health in a positive way to prove the point that once the fluid build up is found the surgery must be done. People ask why I write about my health issues. Easy - someone going through the same thing will find it and it will guide them. I will take my journey and turn it into a gift. "The Lord is my Shepard, I Shall not Wont" Joshua has his ways - I am cool with the journey I have been through for the last 29 years. I will show my gratitude with education to those lost in the journey.

Salvation is in Faith, and not professing your love of Joshua.  Faith is an affirmative act, professing you love of Joshua is mere words which require no further action. 

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Anonymous said...

Best wishes for you. Hang tough! Keep the faith. You will be fine.