Friday, March 20, 2015


Here are the documented facts. Jerry McHale without Commissioner Tetreau's permission posted her push card.  He then demanded $300, to keep the push card going. She refused. And like the two bit extortionist he is, he trashed her for refusing to pay.  Jerry, you are going to need a good lawyer to get out of this one.

Bob Sanchez and his wife Lori Sanchez are another Brownsville couple who are fake Christians - do tell Lori have you told your daughter how her daddy is paying a pornographer to promote his campaign for mayor and how proud she should be of her daddy?  Have you told your daughter how her daddy is paying a homophobic, misogynist pig who had to be put under a court order to stop harassing his ex wife to promote his campaign for mayor?  Surely this would make your daughter proud of her father.

Lori - this time your tears are going to fall on deaf ears.  Such as Roman's wife this is not your first rodeo with your pathetic husband who can only find support among hate mongers and pornographers. 

What kind of mother allows their children's father to associate with a pornographer? - answer - Lori Sanchez.  No one in your church is going to believe you are an innocent victim again.  Maybe the first time, but not this time.  You knew what you were doing.  You care more about fake power for your pathetic husband than you care about a moral compass for your children.

I am so, so tired of you fake Christians lying in the name of Joshua and then turning to a pornographer for support.  You have spoken Lori and you will live the remainder of your life as a disingenuous Christian who cannot be trusted.

It should surprise no one that Sergio Zarate had to turn to a pornographer for support.  Who else but a pornographer would give Sergio Zarate the time of day.  Come on Jerry, when are you going to ask him about the missing thousands of dollars which were suppose to go to the disabled children?  That's right Jerry, Sergio Zarate bought into your extortion - he pays you to remain silent.

McHale calls the Lucios the Sucio Lucios but he is taking their money in exchange for supporting Zarate - nothing more than a two-bit whore pornographer - I am proud of your ex wife Jerry because she had the courage to do what Roman's and Bob's wife will never do - dump their husbands for what they are - con artists,  Your ex wife did what Roman Perez's and Bob Sanchez's wives would never do, put the moral up bringing of her children ahead of the sickness which is you Jerry.

Tomorrow, a reporter is claiming erratic behavior by Sergio Zarate and possible stalking of Commissioner Tetreau.  Juanito's  story yesterday on Commissioner Tetreau was really Sergio Zarate paying Montoya to trash Commissioner Tetreau. The reporter has verified it was Zarate in the park acting erratically.  He then sends the pics to Juanito for a fake story.  As soon as NBC 23 has the video up you will see the real story.

Who else is there? - BUC - lets not forget who BUC gave us, Cata Presas-Garcia.  Anyone who votes for Sanchez or Zarate deserve bad government and are voting to turn Brownsville over to the Sucio Lucios.  Millions are going to be spent on the new Brownsville Airport - go ahead and vote for Sanchez and Zarate and see who gets the contracts - Lucio operatives that's who.


Anonymous said...

I don't understand why you try to put the wife's down, haven't you heard stand by your man....

BobbyWC said...

Funny, sergio, roman and bob sanchez