Friday, March 20, 2015


@TheRomanPerez History Ad Prof. Catholic - After being called by his boss at Wayland about his lies and fabricated email which Wayland has verified no one at Wayland ever sent to me, and told he does not hold the title of professor in any capacity, he continues to claim to be an Ad Professor - what ever that is. 

Guys, I am bored beyond belief with Roman's wife - she does not give a shit about us and her scumbag husband's abuse of woman, and homosexuals -so you know what lady - I do not give a damn about you - you madam are as much a pathetic con artist as your husband Roman. You are not a Christian and mock Joshua aka Jesus every day through your mere existence.  Stop mocking Joshua by claiming to be his servant - no one is buying it.  This is not your first rodeo with your lying con artist husband.  It says a lot about you as a woman and a mother that you want this con artist teaching values to your daughter.

Any self respecting woman and lover of her daughter would have abandon Roman a long time ago.  I get people who fear a being alone.  You have no idea how well I get it.  It makes for very unhealthy relationships.  Because I suffer from fear of being alone I no longer date.  I grew tired of my fear putting me in abusive relationships.  I took responsibility for my situation and moved on.  I am proud of my near 11 years of abstinence.  My love of Joshua keeps me sustained in the only relationship I want.

No one knows for sure if it is Roman's wife demanding he withdraw, of if Roman just wants to withdraw now that his unethical conduct is being impugned on his wife.  Guys, do not defend his wife - she has known about this lying sack of shit long enough to have divorced him years ago,

And Roman, the Bishop is getting all of the documents which prove your lies and lack of good character.  My experience with the Dioceses and liability tell me you will be barred from being associated with the church other than as a parishioner.  So kiss you Youth Ministry goodbye, 

Did you really think you were going to get away with your lies?  Are you that far gone?  If your wife accepts your apology she needs to get immediate help.  She is a victim and needs counseling so she will be strong enough to walk away.

I await your wife's apology for herself and your daughter and pray she will see a counsellor on being the victim of abuse.  If she is not a victim of abuse afraid of being alone - then she is as bad as you are.  She can decide which she is - an emotionally abused wife afraid of being alone or con artist partner with a con artist husband.


Anonymous said...

Wait a minute. Not that I care about Roman or his stupid lies and religion, but why would the Catholic diocese get rid of him if that goes against what they believe and preach.

BobbyWC said...

In today's world the Diocese will ban anyone with questionable judgment. They have paid out billions around the world. I can assure at this point with the Catholic church business comes before faith.

But thanks for reminding me, I never mailed that packet 0 I need to put it on my list of projects

Bobby WC