Sunday, March 22, 2015


So apparently my "attorney" opponent has requested that my application be reviewed and for me to be possibly kicked out off of the race due to a technicality. "Smoke-screen," that my young opponent is throwing out using his lawyer skills to try and get much needed publicity. It's going to take a lot more than that Michael. I've read your "Where?" Piece. You better be well prepared counselor, the people of Brownsville elect an individual to serve in the capacity of City Commissioner and his/her profession or employment does not fall into one of those categories. We've had attorneys serve as city commissioners and at the end of the day when you have to take a stand and vote your profession does not matter, it's your experience in the matter at hand. Run on a platform of what you plan to do for my people, not on a Rick Longoria did or didn't do this, I found a technicality to have him removed type of campaign. Once again what are "you" Michael Gonzalez going to do for the people of District 1 and of Brownsville?

Editor's Note:

Rick's response is spot on, based on Michael Gonzalez's press release.  Michael really needs a plan and needs to explain how his election will not cause Southmost and the other areas to lose the inherent value an incumbent brings to the table.

On Roman Perez I noted he would be of no value because he fails to understand that not every positive vote means you support something.  If you really need something for your district you have to vote for things which go against your better judgment.  Every smart elected official does this every day.  This is why I do not get on people over just one vote.  It is more complex.  It is about overall service and not any one vote.

This issue needs to be better explained by Michael Gonzalez.  I know he is smart enough to not dig in and sacrifice Southmost - but that is not clear to the voters.

I want to know his position on Tenaska - anyone who does not understand Brownsville needs an electrification expansion policy to attract business does not understand the business of economic development.  This is one of those hard votes where competent commissioners stand their ground and do their best to explain the long term benefits to the people.

I want to know who will and who will not help County Judge Pete Sepulveda make the weir dam a reality.  Like I said -for now let's get the feds and state to pay for it now, but only hold back enough water to serve SpaceX - Mexico will see it is built and already working to serve the community and will get on board for backing up the river past downtown - the reality is we can raise the river a good 10 feet right now without causing any problems on either side of the downtown areas.  What say the candidates.


A clear majority of commissioners who make Tony Martinez a lame duck.  The good news, Rick Longoria, César de León, Michael Gonzalez and Jessica Tetreau are all reliable on this issue. My sources are telling me no one knows for sure where John Villarreal will fall. For now he appears to be the fourth.  Our only chance of losing the majority of 4 is if Sergio Zarate wins - which I think is a possibility.  So on this issue the people win, if Jessica wins.  Sergio Zarate has met with Tony Martinez and promised his gonads in exchange for help - so he is 100% not reliable.

People face reality - Tony will not lose - our battle is to make sure we have a majority of 4 to make Tony Martinez a lame duck mayor for the next 4 years.


Anonymous said...

He talked about a "Where?" piece. Can someone post a link online? Great food for thought!

BobbyWC said...

As a matter of policy I will not copy and paste a comment allegedly posted by a candidate on another blog. They must sent it to me or it must appear on their facebook page. This one was on his facebook page so I knew it was real.

But if the post he made on another blog is real, it gets to an interesting point which Mike needs to address. I am not saying there is no response - I just want my readers to hear both sides of the issue so they can make an informed decision

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Still shilling for Tenaska? Has anyone ever done the math on the OklaUnion plant that we ALREADY OWN 100% OF vs. our present and future needs?