Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Republicans understand with all of the ideological splits within the Party the chances of electing a Republican president remains a challenge.  They will tell you they are about local small government, but the facts show otherwise.
The deal with the devil was simple - the corporatists Republicans are to turn the U.S. into a corporate state run by the corporations, in exchange for those who wish to centralize government to compel the values of the few on the majority.
All over the U.S. the so called anti-government Republican legislatures are trying to pass state laws which prohibit local governments as elected by they people from passing ordinances the corporations or anti-freedom Republicans [I will not call them social conservatives because they are many things, but conservative is not one of them] dislike.  The Republicans love to yell "will of the people - stop the judicial activists.]  But the second the people by popular vote [Arizona passing by popular vote redistricting commission] - or through their local representatives [local ordinances banning smoking, plastic bags, raising minimum wage, or providing employment and housing protection for groups hated by Republicans] act in a way the Republicans do not like, the Republicans become big government advocates suing their own states to void the popular vote of the people, or passing legislation voiding the policies as enacted by the local representatives of the people. 
It blows my mind how easy it was for the Republicans to get their lemming followers to go along with surrendering their freedoms.
Mind you there are a million reasons to hate the Plantation Democrats - but compared to the anti-freedom pro corporate America Republicans - I will take the Plantation Democrats any day while trying to effectuate change in the Democrat Party.
Do you support the Texas Republican Party's effort to eliminate Home Rule cities, thereby putting the people under the control of Texas Republicans?
We have a right to know your answer Roman?

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Anonymous said...

In the past at Tea Party debate in Harlingen, Roman, 4 times, demanded that the democratic party candidate denounce the Democratic party platform. Unfortunatly the city election is non partisan so he does not have to let the voters know that he is a Republican Tea Party member, promoter and believer.