Sunday, March 15, 2015

I truly dislike the people who run for office because they "care" and the second they lose, they disappear.  Brownsville's best are those who promote Brownsville without seeking public office.  Craig Grove is one of many.  Through Brownsville Living, he promotes Brownsville. 

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Guys, use our Facebook accounts to promote the good things.  We have the beach, Space X  -  I have a love hate affair with Space X - on balance it will help Brownsville in so many ways - for me it is a wait and see how it works out with the beach.  Three days a month of beach closing will not be that bad.

We have the zoo - Bela and I love Dean Porter Park.  Brownsville's weather is one of its charms.  I love our parks and our bike lanes.  We can have both.  Both are good for Brownsville.

If the weather clears, I have a post on Lincoln Park.  I just need to get out there.

But my headline is Vote Lincoln Park not Tony Martinez.

You do not have to hold public office to promote Brownsville and make it a better place.  We all know the candidates who endlessly run, and then disappear after they lose.  Craig Grove and so many others actually promote Brownsville without ever asking for your vote.

Now do the right thing and join the club.  Find your niche - we all know I believe in Brownsville as a hub of international trade.  Once the election is over I know of several commissioners  I will be able to work with.  I will show them the proof that South America wants Brownsville as a port of entry for air cargo perishables - we can make it happen.  This will be my big project after the election.  Hopefully we can put individual politics aside, and focus on the economic engine which is the Brownsville Airport.

Finally, a rendition of Brownsville's new airport - I hope it happens.

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