Friday, March 13, 2015


Whomever is running this nomorecheezmeh page is either a complete paranoid or con artist.

Before I post what he/she/they are saying, let explain reality to this nut job.

Again, I am blocked from posting on Erasmo's page - I get it - but I also know a con artist when I see one - I am about getting to the reality - not some stupid vendetta -

In the U.S. only a judge can issue a gag order.  In terms of speech, especially speech against a political candidate there is zero possibility any judge would even entertain a gag order.  So this nut job's claim a gag order may issue is all lies or paranoia - you decide.

Further, the idea he/she/.they need to consult an attorney about posting documents is nonsense.  If the document is real in the U.S. you can post it.  The document speaks for itself.  Where people get in trouble is claiming a document says something it does not.


"We want to thank all our followers for being with us. We have received many messages from people, some even that are followers but believe in our cause. A lot of this information is pretty disturbing but we will share it in the days to come. You want the truth, we will give it to you. We are talking with our lawyers to see how we can put this information together, because someone is going to try to put a gag order. But we will prevail."

Now, I will say, we are in Cameron county and most judges have never heard of the constitution, but if any judge were dumb enough to issue a gag order against defamation the appellate court within an hour of the filing of the mandamus would void the gag order.

This turkey is playing games or is an idiot. He/she/they do not help the political process.

Just post any authenticated documents you have and let them speak for themselves - if you have to explain what they mean - then you are playing games.


Anonymous said...

Have you read the posts on that page? The intellect level of the administrator is a few levels below average. He/she/it is a joke and the world is laughing at them, not with them.
The true evil here in Brownsville is not
Erasmo Castro but the current city puppet
administration and the shadow government
that pulls their strings. If that page truly cared anything about Brownsville, they would
focus their low profile vile spewing contempt at removing the incumbent
mayor instead of what seems to be a poorly focused and juvenile vendetta against
Erasmo Castro.

Anonymous said...

Erasmo Castro needs to take responsibility and ownership of some of his posts that can also be construed as vile-spewing contempt. Those who disagree with him, even respectfully, are publicly shamed and/or blocked. In politics, there are votes where sometimes peers will vote contrary to your vote. Will he be able to move on from those votes for the benefit of conducting city business or his very own vendetta-seeking nature take over? I also have a real issue, and it's a valid concern, about his city residency. He's voted a couple of times, and his voter history reflects a residency at a notary office. People have asked on his FB to address these issues and he instead becomes defensive and eventually responds with: "I will be Mayor." On that note, how about some humility? Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely. It would appear via his posts since announcing that he's paving the path for just that.

Anonymous said...

He'll never be a mayor....

Anonymous said...

He can give it the good college try! It is more than you or I are doing. We need new blood as head of the city commission, even Erasmo haters can agree on that, or can they?

Anonymous said...

Ask him.

BobbyWC said...

Well actually I am personally doing quite a bit, the BV broke the story on Casa Del Nylon, Tony's use of the $35,000 rule meaning he can spent that without commission permission, the presence illegally by the way of Abraham Galonsky in Executive Session during the purchase of the Casa Del Nylon Building and El Cid Building, the concealing of the true ownership of the El Cid Building, Diane Dillard, wife to federal judge Hanen being part of the corruption, and Rose Gowen earing a salary from UT at the same time as she earned a salary from the City.

All of the BV's breaking stories are being used by the candidates to unseat Tony.

But on Erasmo I have said from day one - at least he has people block walking to educate the people about Tony - my position has been to openly encourage as many anti-Tony candidates as possible.

Bobby WC