Thursday, March 19, 2015


The post was almost too funny - they used the above pic of "give credit where credit is due",: and then lied about who exposed the "Fly Frontera" mess.

Juanito being the consummate con artist - which explains his friendship with Barton and Mary Helen Flores - posted lies about Melissa Zamora on the issue.  I originally backed the deal until I found out who the principles were.  I learned through a source none other than the Dallas felon Carlos Quintanilla was behind it.

Side note - you know how Quintanilla was recruited by the owner - minority priority - when in Dallas Anglo business owners would offer me a set wage in exchange for 40% of the company.  Why?  They then would use my Nicaraguan heritage to get priority bidding advantage because of the 40% interest I had in the company as a Latino.  It is a con job Quintanilla uses to earn money.  I never accepted any of the offers.  But I can assure you it is common practice in Dallas and even here in Brownville.

The BV exposed the entire deal and a complete portfolio on Quintanilla and Fly Frontera.  It never would have happened had Juanito not attacked Melissa Zamora for refusing to back the deal.  Craig Grove to his credit copied and posted on the Cheezmeh page my story and research. From there Erasmo copied all of my research and claimed it. Craig Grove has always given the BV credit for breaking this story.

So yes, Cheezmeh did not give credit to the person who exposed the deal and did all of the research.  None of the people on this bogus nomorecheezmeh page lifted a finger to fight the deal.  Showing up for a picture op session with Chavez is not helping especially when it was proven all his research on passenger loads was all lies.  The picture op was just one group of liars trying to expose another liar.

Cheezmeh which then include Laura Miniel and Jim Barton went to the Brownsville city commission and demanded to be heard even after the issue was tabled.  They then left for coffee to allow the convict Quintanilla to speak for 30 minutes with no one from Cheezmeh there to demand the 5 minute rule be imposed.  That was in fact aiding the felon Quintanilla. Everything  Barton has ever published on Quintanilla he stole from the BV.  He has never published an honest piece of research. Honesty and research are two skills sets Barton never learned.

So how about giving credit where it is due nomorecheezmeh instead of lying and grabbing it for your self.  Soon enough all of Brownsville will know the pathological liars behind this page.

Brownsville deserves honesty - this mayoral election is a joke.  It bothers me every time I hear it does not matter to people who is in the runoff they will never vote for Tony Martinez.  Well I am one of those people - but are the nomorecheezmeh people saying if it is Tony and Erasmo they will back Tony - because if they are then we know they are the enemy.  I despise Pat Ahumada - I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt that he has changed - but he has not changed one bit.  He will be as divisive as before.  But you know what - I will vote Pat before I vote Tony - and this sickens me - in the runoff I will have to vote for someone I know who cannot lead and who is not qualified just to get rid of Tony Martinez.

I cannot believe no qualified person applied to run.

I can only hope the team of Tetreau, Longoria and De Leon will be able to form a city government and lead us to better days.  There is no issue the three will win hands down.  You know Barton backed De Leon when he believed De Leon was going to be Ben Neece's puppet - but I guess when Ben realized De Leon was not going to play with him, Barton had to change sides or lose the free beer.

Our candidates are not perfect, but we cannot vote in con artists and liars.  If Tetreua were willing to pay Juanito and McHale they both would be writing endless vulgarities against Sergio Zarate over the missing money at DownbytheBorder  - But Jessica Tetreau refuses to pay extortionists so she is attacked and the man who cannot explain thousands of missing dollars intended for disabled children becomes McHale's and Juanito's hero.  You must vote against the extortionists and their candidates.

Only we the people at the ballot box can send a message that those who steal from children and the people will never be elected to office if in order to avoid having the truth printed about them they pay extortionists to keep the truth silent.

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