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Someone who wants to play the distraction game posted a comment I am rejecteding.  He/she claims all of my comments on Stell are nonsense because they had no due process hearings.  My comments on Stell had nothing to do with due process hearings - hence the distraction.

My issue is they are a failed school - something Rita Hernandez considers acceptable - after of these many years of Stell not meeting state standards how can she justify not replacing the principal? Originaly Minerva blamed Carl Montoya and Rita Hernandez for Luis Segura remaining at Stell.  If Rita is so happy with Luis Segura why not pull her child out of private school, and place her at Stell?

From the Herald:

"To make the PEG list, a school’s passing rate has to dip below 50 percent in one of the areas tested on STAAR standardized tests in two of the last three years. "

You see Esperanza Zendeja who provides no hope for the children at Stell, protects Rita Hernandez and her friend Luis Segura while. while trying to silence those who want to deal with the BISD's problems.

The fact Rita Hernandez is at the top of the list of Due Process hearings at the high school level should have informed Zendejas that Rose Longoria is not listening.  Special Services when followed prevents Due Process hearings.  Rita Hernandez and Rose Longoria do not want to listen so they got Minerva, Joe and Esperanza to remove the one person pushing hard to fix the problems.

For the next year the children will suffer because now the remaining administrators in Special Services fear for their jobs if they push Rose Longoria or Rita Hernandez to follow the law.

This will not end well for any of them.  The parents are not to put up with it.  It is time Minerva resign from the Board, and Joe Rodriguez retire to the field of has-beens.

For the record, they have the vote on a reorganization.  Otis, Cata, and Carlos can put it on the agenda.  Minerva's majority would be nuts to not ad one more vote for her removal, once the truth comes out about how she exposed the district to a lawsuit for discussing personnel matters.


On February  5, 2015, at 3:14 p.m. for 29 minutes Minerva Peña and I spoke by phone.  Minerva Peña called me after I texted her at 2:59 p.m., that I had been informed that Carl Montoya was claiming Minerva Peña was demanding that Berta Peña and Sylvia Atkinson be fired.

I asked Minerva Peña point blank what was happening.  She told me disciplinary action would be taken against Sylvia Atkinson and Berta Peña.  This is a black and white violation of the law.  She had no business discussing with me personnel matters.

What I was told was, Sylvia Atkinson had fabricated charges against Rose Longoria, and Rita Hernandez was not happy.  Minerva Peña told me the basic allegations being made against Rose Longoria, principal at Pace, were true, but that Sylvia Atkinson was misconstruing the problem.  The issue dealt with attendance records allegedly being falsified.  This would be the second claim against Rose Longoria concerning falsified records.  Minerva Peña defended Rose Longoria and Rita Hernandez with some convoluted formula which when properly applied showed there was no attendance problem.

We then discussed the issue of special needs.  Rita Hernandez and Rose Longoria were fed up with special services trying to run the show on special needs.  News flash for you Minerva - that is their job.

The key to this has nothing to do with the tit for tat between Rita Hernandez who is the wife of Rick Zaya's law partner - whose butt I kicked in a JP trial - and anyone in Special Services..  For the record, in JP court on leave of court anyone can represent anyone without a law license, so long as no fee is charged.


During the last cheating allegation against Rose Longoria, I defended her in part because someone posted a comment on Juanito's page claiming Rose Longoria was changing answers on tests on a specific date and time.  I knew this was a lie because, because I was in a meeting with her at the time she was allegedly changing grades.

I have met Rita Hernandez.  She makes it a point she will not send her child to BISD.  I was there at the request of a parent who had given  BISD permission to work directly with me for the benefit of his son.  All Rita and Rose wanted to talk about is how big Pace is on promoting student participation in things like pep rallies.  I was there trying to help a child reenroll in high school.  He dropped out because of the anxiety associated with being in a classroom.  Rose Longoria and her staff lied repeatedly about accommodation. The child ended up dropping out.

I will never forget the first meeting at Pace with Rose Longoria and her inept staff.  They had no idea the child had a long history of mental illness.  I had to open the child's folder to the medical records section to show them the medical records.  They put together an ARD without consideration of the child's mental health history.  Rose Longoria found this acceptable - albeit at that point she was prepared to surrender her first born to me to prevent me from filing a complaint with Carl Montoya.

No matter how many meetings and problems related to this child, Rose Longoria could not comprehend the child's mental health disorders prevented him from being in a regular classroom.  He needed a lot of special attention with a lot of time away from tradition instruction if he were to survive.  It was never going to happen.

Then a few years later I am there with a father on the verge of a meltdown because Rose Longoria and her staff had no idea how to transfer in a child from Hanna.  The father called me after multiple trips to Pace, Hanna and Central Administration.  This is when Rita Hernandez showed to over see the problem.  It took Carl Montoya's office to intervene before Rose Longoria would allow this special needs children to enroll at Pace. 

It is true the child thrived - but only because I dictated everything to be provided to the child during the ARD meeting.  They had no say in the matter.  The child is now back at Hanna in classes I dictated.  The Hanna staff knew they had very little choice.  They do not understand when a child is in 10th grade and reads at a 3rd grade level you do not put the child in a business course while keeping the child out of resource reading.

It is the job of Special Services to oversee these children and insure their rights are protected.  BISD needs a clear policy - when an AA interferes with special services, the AA should be fired.

Some of the AA's have declared war on Special Services because they do not like being told they are not doing their job.

Minerva Peña is friends with Rita Hernandez.  She is tied at the hips with Rick Zayas who is the law partner of Rita's husband Luis Hernandez.

Before Esperanza Zendejas was brought in the decision to take action against Berta Peña and Sylvia Atkinson had already been made.  Carl Montoya would not do it.  Carl Montoya and Joe Rodriguez were not actually friendly with one another.  Joe Rod was still sulking over the fraudulent forensic audit and blamed Montoya for the fraudulent report.

It was Minerva Peña who told me they were going to hire a retired Superintendent, as an Interim.  The goal was someone from Rockwell I believe.  I have no idea who came up with Esperanza Zendeja.

Given the fact even before Carl Montoya resigned, Minerva Peña had told me of the intended disciplinary action to be taken against Bert Peña and Sylvia Atkinson, the deal was done before the Interim was even hired..  With less than a week on the job we are to believe Esperanza Zendeja did her due diligence of investigation before she started to suspend administrations.  No one is buying it Esperanza.


I am fed up with the Trustees micromanaging the superintendents and making them superintendents in name only.  Every trustee knows how I  feel about this - it is no great secret - and the BV has no sacred cows.

Every trustee knows how I feel about the issue of special needs children.  No sacred cows.  Minerva Peña broke both rules because she thinks she is about the law.  She is not.  Being a source does not entitle you to abusing special needs children, and ordering the superintendent to take administrative action against people who Minerva Peña's friends do not like


I filed endless complaints in writing with the trustees against Rose Longoria and Luis Segura of Stell.  The state of Texas has deemed Stell a failed school.  Minerva even had an excuse for Luis Segura.  You see Luis Hernandez told me he did not appreciate me going after a friend of his and his wife Rita.  Rita Hernandez ignored all of the complaints against Luis Segura and Stell is now a failed school and he continues to be its principal.  With these undisputed facts, Esperanza Zendeja found Rita and her staff were being harassed and victimized by Special Services.  Zendeja did not even verify the claims or allow anyone to defend themselves - she took orders from Minerva Peña and Joe Rodriguez.

The lawsuit must include Rick Zayas, Luis Hernandez, Rita Hernandez, Minerva Pena, Joe Rodriguez, and Esperanza Zendejas.


Long before the November election the BV reported that Otis Powers switched sides and was now aligned with Cata Presas-Garcia.  We all remember Luci's add blaming Cesar Lopez for what in fact Otis Powers did.  The Herald had to issue a retraction on the ad.  The proof was there and Otis could not deny it.  It was Minerva who told me about Otis switching sides.

I then said Otis would be removed and I would stay on him until he was removed.  I will stay on the BISD Board and in particular Joe Rodriguez and Minerva Peña until she is removed as BISD's Board president.

I do not give a crap about my sources - when they intentionally do injury to children and the employees protecting the children - I will take them down.  Minerva's narcissism got the better of her.  She thought I would run cover for her over the children - This is what happens when you are a self absorbed fake Christian. 

If the Board fails to call for a new reorganization during the March meeting, I will start to publish everything I know on each Board member.  Not a one cares a rats ass about the children. 

To my readers - I will publish every documented claim you have on the trustees - no sacred cows. 

When Cata Presas-Garcia disclosed personnel information on Joe Rodriguez he sued and got his $90,000.  But now that his ally Minerva is doing the same thing, Joe Rodriguez will run cover for Minerva.  Joe Rodriguez has made clear he has no interest in the children and intends to keep the back door deal going while protecting his friends and anyone and everyone tied to Rick Zayas.

Remember this Joe, when Bret Springston went to Rick Zayas in violation of FERPA to get me to drop a claim being made by a child that she was assaulted by a teacher - Bret Springston resigned rather than face the FERPA complaint.  Rick Zayas will do the same to you Joe - you are just too stupid to realize it.

It is lost on no one Rick Zayas is Joe Rodriguez's lawyer.  It is lost on no one Rita Hernandez is the wife of Zayas' law partner Luis Hernandez.

I hope BISD loses its insurance on this one.  This was about protecting the incompetent Rita Hernandez.  I hope she is sued into bankruptcy.  Because of what this current majority has done, no one will be willing to insure BISD and BISD will be personally liable for all lawsuits filed against the district.

Oh a graphic - there are the Due Process complaints which got through because Rita Hernandez and Rose Longoria would not listen to Special Services.  Rather than hold them accountable for their actions, Minerva Peña punished the people who sought to expose Rita's and Rose's incompetence.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Bobby for the information. So much going on with the failures of these top level Assistant Superintendents that affect the kids and those that work so hard in Special Education. One of the AA you mention, in BOLD, has supposedly been placed on leave? Can you confirm this with the Board Member and let us know? A lot of times the Board Member President will only tell you what you want to hear but no disciplinary action gets taken because of the BISD culture and system. To many compadres and their people come first. You make a great point, most of the Admins do not send their children to BISD, they know better!

BobbyWC said...

My understanding right now is coming someone in Zendejas office and personnel. Special Services is not talking.

When people hire counsel they tend to go quiet.

Right now the Board Members will not speak with me - I think it is fair I lost Minerva - but she knew the rules - I warned her about protecting Rita Hernandez - she knew I would not tolerate it.

She made her choice and now the courts will decide how much her conduct will cost the taxpayers.

Minerva, Cata, Joe and Otis are all the same - the four need to be sent packing.

No one at this time for fear of disciplinary action will talk beyond what I have learned.

I have put word out through indirect sources that information needs to be passed through the indirect sources.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

"Right now the Board Members will not speak with me"

Get use to throw them under a bus an a second's notice. What do you expect? No one is going to talk to you.

Anonymous said...

Here is a distraction for you. "I hope BISD loses its insurance on this one." Seriously. You really hope they lose their insurance coverage? Who then will fund judgments against the district. I guess I will, for one. And I guess everyone else who lives in the city will too. And you hope for this? Is this an expression of the deep love you feel for the city or just an expression of your willingness to see people hurt so you can proclaim your righteousness. You are, as a whole, a negative element in the city, a name calling bully who tries to project an inflated self-image. Of course, many bullies feel much smaller inside then they let the community see --that's one reason they bully--.
Who hurt you? Who picked on you? Who are you so desperately trying to get back at? It won't be easy but you can come back from it if you are willing to put the work in. I hope you do.
Idiot distractor

BobbyWC said...

So what you are saying is a smart person will throw the special needs children under the bus so trustees will talk to them.

Wow - I do not need a trustee to speak with me to get information - I have too many insiders speaking with me.

You are one sick person that you think having access to a bad trustee is more important than protecting special needs children.

I think you just turned the stomachs of most of my readers.

What part of no sacred cows do you not understand?

You just want bloggers to run cover for bad people in exchange for money or information - you are on the wrong blog dude if you think that will ever happen here.

No sacred cows

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Bobby, will you throw your readers/insiders? I hope not. You have many loyal readers and throwing them under the bus, like the other blogger, will suck. Keep up informing us!!! Thank you.

BobbyWC said...

My rule has always been the same - no sacred cows - period.

Many readers and I have no idea who they are will post comments with information to guide me and then ask I not post their comment. I take the information and then delete their comment.

It is not so simple as people think. There are times I know sources are playing me and I let it go. I still need them - it is for me to sort out the lies.

The other day someone tried to play me and I followed proper procedure and asked that DA Saenz respond to the claim. I wanted his side of the story.

A few hours later I had seen enough documents to know I was being played. I contact DA Saenz office and informed them I no longer needed a response - on my own I verified the claim was false.

Did I disclose the source - no - playing me is not the same as throwing children under the bus.

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

Your distraction is not going to work - anyone of minimal intelligence can see you are the only bully. Not once do you challenge my assertions - so what you are saying is, if I know things which are negative and I love Brownsville I should keep them to myself.

My readers know who you are - you are someone who wants to keep the status quo of corruption and you will do it by bullying people with unsubstantiated claims without one example to support your claim.


If BISD cannot get insurance - we are already paying an excessive deductible because of the conduct you want to keep going - there is a real chance the TEA will finally step in.

The TEA stepping in is the best thing which can happen for Brownsville.

A school district is one variable industry looks at when they decide to relocate or build a new facility.

BISD is a dichotomy because for the children who do not need extra help they have a lot of very good programs.

According to you my profiling Bela thriving in the wonderful preK program is me bashing Brownsville - not Mr. Bully who supports the status quo of corruption - it tells people if your child does not need extra help BISD's preK program is excellent. I have gone so far as promoting it be expanded to the middle class and in fact every child regardless of their parent's income.

My issue with BISD is how the special needs [I prefer the term different needs] children are dismissed.

Obviously you have a problem with my advocacy for different needs children.

Did you know BISD has a program wherein its students can get credit while working with veterinarians? I did. I know what BISD offers its students - and for those how do not need extra help the BISD programs are great. It is not BISD's fault that some parents do not encourage their children to participate in these programs. In some cases I assume the kids refuse. But the programs are there for those wanting to participate.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

You may prefer the term different needs; however, federal and state documents use students with disabilities to address such students.

BobbyWC said...

language evolves as we learn. When I was growing up my mother at one time worked as a hall monitor in a school which the county called for the mentally retarded - this would not be tolerated today - today we say intellectually disabled.

The paradigm involving terminology on these classes of students and individuals will change soon enough.

There will be a time we look back at the term of special needs in the same way we look back at the term mentally retarded. They are both wrong - every student learns differently - by using the term special instead of different we promote bigotry - the term will change - it is just a matter of time

Bobby WC