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Rick Longoria and Mike Gonzalez are carrying on a very professional discussion.  Both of their supporters should be proud of them.  This is a good debate and makes Brownsville look good.  They are proving they can disagree, without being con artists and having to pay trash to trash their opponent.  My hats off to both sides.  If is for my readers to decide.  Rick knows he can file any counter he wants and it will get posted.  I have asked him for a piece I found very compelling.  I will not copy and post it from another blog because I have no verification he wrote it.

But for now gentlemen - thanks for making Brownsville look good with your points counterpoints.  This should set the standard for how to run a campaign.

Below is Mike's response to Rick and his position on why the City should not move Lincoln Park.  He brings in a new issue - how the new loop would impact the proposed new location of Lincoln Park.


"Rick Longoria responded to our ballot challenge in his recent FB post. As predicted, he called it a technicality and tried to downplay the impact my profession would have on my decision-making if elected. 
This campaign is about the issues that matter to District 1. I am running a professional campaign to inform the electorate. The ballot challenge just begins the larger discussion about how, in the past, the city tends to selectively apply rules in disregard of the interplay between local, state, and federal laws.
What are technicalities Rick? Technicalities are points of law or small details within a larger set of rules. It appears that the city has been willing to use those small details to further an agenda even if it hurts the most vulnerable amongst us. Was it not a technicality that the city used in attempting to “convey” instead of “sell” Lincoln Park to UT? 
Rick, you ask where I stand on important issues to District 1? I am on record as being against the relocation of Lincoln Park. Unlike you, I have already met with county and state officials to discuss the interplay between the East Loop and the city’s proposed new Lincoln Park location. See my latest press release attached to this post for more details. 
So, if elected, what will I offer District 1? I promise a comprehensive approach to decision-making. I promise a collaborative effort with local, state and federal officials. I promise to make decisions within the boundaries of power set forth by the rule of law. I promise to do so with zealous advocacy for the hardworking people of District 1. 
You all can expect more press releases from me. I promise to keep this transparent, informative and exciting. Thank you for your continued support.
P.S. Rick, they are not “your people” they are our equals."
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