Monday, March 2, 2015



Playing this video out of context is reckless and will promote needless additional violence.  This is my main concern at this point. 

According to the LAPD the man secured one of the police officer's guns during the struggle.  I begin with this because it puts the incident into some context.  Just because the police say the man secured a gun does not mean he did.  Forensic evidence concerning finger prints will tell the truth.

Unlike so many who were not there, I cannot say exactly what happened beyond what I see in the video.

In my humble opinion when officers need 5 shots to secure a man on the ground we have excessive force.  There is no excuse for 5 shots to secure a man on the ground, especially when you have this many officers at the scene.

There is a clear lack of training along with overzealous officers.  I get it - I will give them the benefit of the doubt pending a forensic test for finger prints on the gun the deceased man allegedly had.  But, all they had to do was shoot him in the hand which held the gun and it would have been over.

The LAPD has already mishandled this.  The LAPD which history tells us is their wont, will spin and cover.  This will lead to violence.  Violence means more innocent victims.

The FBI and DOJ need to take immediate control of all the evidence with the LAPD being blocked out of any investigation.  Any further mishandling of this will only lead to needless violence.

Along those lines, the good news is, the man filming the incident, did not turn this into a black versus white incident.  This may help with potential violence.  The man filming the incident is black and he chose to call out a black officer. 

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 At this time I do not know the race of the victim.  I just checked another article and the reporter is stating the victim is a 45 year old black man.

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Anonymous said...

You've clearly never fired a gun and think real life situations like this are like a movie where police shoot the hand or a leg or even the tire of a moving vehicle. Police are trained to eliminate the threat by aiming to the center mass. If the cop would've followed your logic and aimed to the man's moving hand he probably would've missed and killed one or more cops and perhaps innocent bystanders.

BobbyWC said...

You are wrong. I was raised hunting. The only reason I did not hit 40 of 40 targets when qualifying with the M16 is my rifle jammed.

I know the training. I have family in NY who are officers. There was no reason for 3 officers to let off 5 rounds.

They are trained. There is no evidence this man was about to shoot. They were shooting down - how would that have it anyone. Firing randomly five times is not shooting for the center. It was panic shooting - there is no way of getting around it.

I am not saying they should be prosecuted, but we need better training under stress situations.

Do you really oppose this.

Bobby WC