Friday, March 20, 2015


This is not Lorrie Sanchez's first rodeo with her husband defaming people and running a dirty campaign.  When she agreed to be part of this she knew McHale's page had a pornography warning on it - but she was okay with pictures of her children being posted on a porn blog.  That is a very emotionally disturbed woman and mother.

As a mother she is worthless - no mother unless abused and living in fear would ever allow this to happen with her children.  I do not want to hear "why are you bringing in the wives?"  They are active participants - they do not get to claim innocence because they are women.  Both Roman Perez and Robert Sanchez's wives knew who they are married to and what they are capable off.  I would submit both should agree to full projective psychological testing to determine if they stay with their husbands out of fear of being alone, or because they are just sociopaths.

No more excuses - no more hiding behind your wives you worthless cowards - it is accountability time.  The wives can distance themselves from their husbands or go down with the ship.  Marriage is a partnership and partners go down together.


Anonymous said...

Why act like a family man Bob. Everyone knows what's really going on. I wouldn't have risked bringing things like that to lthe light of day. And those campaign sign look like a portrait studio photo from the 70's and 80's.

Anonymous said...

Any man who proclaims to be family man (Sanchez) and any man who proclaimed to fight for children with special needs (Zarate) yet makes deals with bloggers known for vile, defaming and libelous content, are hypocrites. Why would any respectable family want their portrait posted on a blog alongside pornography and smut posts? Why would a children's advocate want the same and also condone (and even encourage) vile attacks against his opponent?

The answer: They cannot win a campaign on their own merits and resort to desperation.

BobbyWC said...

I hate you - you said it better than I could have - thanks for putting it into perspective in such clear language. But I still hate you for doing a better job - not really -

Thanks for making the BV better

People do not see my side of the comments - you would be amazed by how many vile comments I reject by people trying to agree with me - but they will not cut it at the BV -

I have rejected vile comments about Barton for years which include accusations which serve no purpose other than to hurt innocent third parties.

But here is the proof Barton even lied to his readers about apologizing to me - in response to my request he do a real apology by revealing Roman's email so everyone can more fully understand the lie he approved the following comment.

"Eat a turd. Nobody owes you shit!"

Barton is so far gone in his lack of honor and character he has no idea this comment basically said his apology was fake and only really posted to beat me posting the letter which verified he lied.

He knew it was a lie, but once he learned I had the proof he decided to post another lie with a fake apology and he proved my point by approving the above comment.

The question left lingering is, will a posting of Roman's comment prove Barton was part of the fraud related to the email Wayland has verified was never sent to me.

The blogs here are a nightmare - I my world I would love for the candidates for free to use the BV as a point counter point on why on the issues they are the better choice. This would make the candidates and the BV better serving the community.

Negatives have to come out - We have a right to know the truth about the candidates. Zarate has lost a ton of credibility among families with special needs children - and you know what - he does not care - it blows my mind that someone actually posted a comment making me the bad guy for disclosing the missing money.

Bobby WC