Wednesday, March 18, 2015


"And it is disingenuous at best that the same people that defended the Hernandezs and berated the efforts to expose mail-in and early-voting fraud in Erin's election now try to wash their hands and distance themselves from them and their politiqueros."

It was Juanito who attacked myself and Ruben Peña daily for going after the politiqueras during the Peña/Hernandez trial.  He defended the practice by claiming I was from Dallas and just did not understand this is how elections are done in Cameron county.

Ruben Peña gave me the trial transcript I sent it to Jonathan White noting the first witness whose claims was solid against Margarita Ozuna and she was charged with illegal harvesting of ballots.  Since word of Margarita Ozuna being charged got out, there has been not one case of alleged illegal vote harvesting in Brownsville or Cameron county.  We ended it with that one indictment.

Now those being charged now are for acts they committed before Margarita Ozuna was charged.  It is true some of the smaller cities and school districts still have problems, but there has not been one case in Brownsville or a Cameron county election since the charging of Margarita Ozuna.

Where was Mary Helen Flores and the Begums - friends with Montoya and promoting his lies and endless defamation.  Alex Begum's check got them to change sides. When it comes out that some of the witnesses are claiming CAVA operatives told them they could be prosecuted if they did not sign the affidavit I wonder who Juanito will blame for the indictments of the CAVA operatives?

Ah, but Begum will keep paying to protect the guilty.  Mind you- it is lost on no one how many mail ballot votes Yolanda Begum received - those too are being investigated.

Did CAVA check those out? - of course not - Begum would have stopped payment on the check.

No sacred cows - I want everyone who harvested mail ballots in jail and if we can prove a candidate authorized the illegal action I want the maximum sentence allowed by law.  You watch how fast Juanito changes his position and attacks the AG the second a CAVA or Begum operative is indicted.
The only true part of his  funny post is on Saenz.  I know for a fact the AG investigator has interviewed several politiqueras for admissible evidence Saenz authorized the illegal conduct.

Remember in open court in front of the FBI Saenz went up to Margarita Ozuna and Hermenia Becerra and shook their hands.   The FBI and AG were in a state of disbelief.

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