Friday, March 20, 2015


After initially posting Natasia Finley's comment stating the truth about her story on Jessica Tetreau's report on her graffiti clean up campaign, Juanito deleted it.  The story included a claim of a strange person wondering around the park taking pictures.  The reporter will verify if interviewed by the police that the person she was referring to was non-other than Sergio Zarate. The bogus lie filled story and pictures came from Zarate not Juanito.  In fact the reporter described his behavior as odd.

I am assuming at this time NBC 23's lawyers barred her from using his name.  I can report with 100% certainty this and other matters related to Zarate are being looked into.  It is a bizarre campaign.  The Sucio Lucios backed the wrong con artist and it will cost them with the voters when the entire truth comes out.

If Eddie Lucio III had any good character left in his body he would end his association with Zarate.  If Dolores and Sergio Zarate were not such bad people Sergio would withdraw from the race - but he is owned and bought for 100% by the Sucio Lucios - so do not count on anything honorable from the Zarates.


Remember less than a year ago the Zarates were pure evil when David Gonzales was paying him, but now that the Lucios are paying Juanito, albeit it indirectly through donations, the Zarates are god sent.  Are you tired of this pay Juanito or be trashed game yet?  Because if you are not you are why we have such bad government.

For the record NBC 23 routinely runs the story on Commissioner Tetreau's work concerning graffiti

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This is the story Juanito called an Easter Egg hunt.  I am waiting on NBC 23 to release the story for publishing to the internet.  But the reporter in the deleted post verified Juanito's story was false.  She will also verify for the police it was Sergio Zarate walking around all weird taking pictures.

There is something profoundly wrong with Sergio Zarate - Juanito trashed his wife and then he pays Juanito  - what kind of a man pays another man after that man has trashed his wife - most assuredly someone you do not want elected to public office.

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Anonymous said...

I applaud Ms. Finley for standing up to this blogger. This blogger is paid by candidates, or individuals with an ax to grind, to write, libelous and defamatory stories about opponents. I think it is truly disgusting that a judge and former judge, whose job is to protect victims and seek justice, advertise on a blog that creates victims with posts rife with injustice.