Wednesday, March 18, 2015

I just got off the phone with the office of the Executive Vice President for Wayland University, Dr. Bobby Hall.  I was told in clear no uncertain terms they have no title of Ad or Adjunct Professor at Wayland university.  I was told the title of Professor would never be conferred on a part time adjunct.  They verified their term is adjunct faculty or adjunct lecturer.  As to Mr. Jim Antenen's alleged email he will be interviewed by his boss.  They are bothered that he would use the term Adjunct Professor against the policy of Wayland. 
But then I cannot prove Dr. Jim Antenen ever sent the email.  Every email has a from and to on it.  You will not Barton chose to leave that off of his post.
You will also note I told Roman Perez if he had any such document I would post it as a free stranding post.  Roman being the consummate con-artist he is had the pathological liar Jim Barton claim I am not document driven - really Jim? - you have zero proof Dr. Antenen ever sent me the email and you know damn well had Roman sent it to me I would have posted it.  That makes me document driven. 
Jim, you are a pathological liar who has no shame - I feel sorry your grandson is going to be subjected to your lack of character - may god protect him from you.
Dr. Hall's office has assured me they will either send me proof of the alleged email sent to me or send me an email stating no such email was ever sent.  They also assured me they will state in clear no uncertain terms Wayland has no such title as Ad or Adjunct Professor.
They also asked for Melissa Landin's letter because they are concerned Roman Perez may have problems with women, based on the letter, and as to his character.  They also asked for the claim he lied about his appointment to the Comptrollers Office.
Jim, get help - your grandson deserves better than a pathologically lying scumbag of a grandfather.  I would never, ever lie about receiving an email to make a story.  It would never happen.  I am not you.
Unlike you I protect people - I put my law license on the line for the children abused by the priests in Dallas.  I would do it again - Jim do tell your readers why you cannot see that as evidence of good character on my part and insist on using it as evidence of bad character.  But then you think Roman Perez is of good character so what would you know of character?
Try telling the truth - you cannot because you cannot conceive of the concept of the truth.
You just did irreparable damage to Roman Perez. 


Anonymous said...

Roman Perez lies constantly. He complained to me that Morgan Gramm is going to sue him over some rumors he started about her and said he never did. The pendejo forgot that I was one of the people he told the rumor to. Now he is crying over the fact that it may come out about him trying to get somebody fired from a job for being gay and how he had to wash his clothes a bunch of times for being in the building. He wouldn't even let his family go to vote there.

It says a lot when even republicans tell you that you are too prejudiced. Even the losers at the Republican Party don't want him and they usually are desperate for anybody.

Bartonust have very low standards.

BobbyWC said...

Barton has no standards - once he hates someone one he will back any lying two bit con artist who comes along who is running against the person he hates.

He hates Rick Longoria - who by the way gets an A+ for explaining what it takes to the do the job.

Barton is a two-pit racist and homophobic ignorant white supremacist - every time he gets caught exposing his racist homophobia he has a meltdown denying it - as if people will forget

He tried to imply Erin Garcia went to an all low intelligent black law school and then denied he made the post.

I have never defended the business dealings of the Garcia's but I do not put my head in the sand and believe they are the only ones who use community contacts to make money - it is how capitalism and politics works in the US. So he backs the Begums and hteir money. Which by the way CAVA and witness tampering, and ballot harvesting is as much a part of the FBI DOJ investigation as every other candidate in the 2012 race. But he will never admit in backing Begum he backed a corrupt worthless compulsive liar who I personally caught taking down Erin Garcia's sign - which he defended.

He claims he is not responsible for the comments he approves - the BV never lets bigoted comments through. Without ignorant bigoted comments bark would not have his freak sideshow.

When Barton shut down I came to his defense and told people to stop posting the comments I was rejecting - I shut down for legitimate reasons and he immediately went on the attack.

People have no idea how hard blogging is for me write now -

My brother has turned into a full time job. Yesterday was over 5 hours. Finally when I lost it on the phone crying out of control for having failed him, a VA representative calmed me down and took action. It is so bad. Buster woke me so I am up - I have pre surgery appointments all morning so I think that will be today's post.

Funny I have the prostate of an 18 year old and never have to get up in the middle of the night - but Buster nearly 13 has to get up twice a night. She barks in my face until I let her out. So much for having a perfect prostrate.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Don't let this go, Bobby! Somebody needs to stay on these scumbags when they decide to pull a con job and run for office. This guy is a menace and is known for being unstable, even amongst his friends.

BobbyWC said...

Oh, I have plenty more -

Bobby WC