Monday, March 23, 2015


"A 25-year-old man was arrested following a tip that identified him as the man who grabbed a 77-year-old woman's purse and dragged her to the ground.

Victor Vallade was arrested Thursday on a charge of aggravated robbery."

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The VA Houston is demanding documents.  I will be back in about an hour to finish this story.

 I will say this - the vindictive prick Luis Saenz went to the AG to protect the convicted drunk Zeke Silva, but he ignored state law by not redacting the name of a domestic abuse victim and her child from records he released to Juanito.  That criminal act by Saenz and violation of the victim's rights are being handled at several levels.

Luis Saenz engaged in intentional criminal conduct to harm a victim of domestic abuse to settle a personal score with me.  Luis Saenz needs to go.  I am documenting everything with the State Bar and asking that he be examined for mental illness.  I am asking that his license be suspended immediately

More in about an hour


The good news is I just learned that the Chief Medical Officer and Neurologist are looking at my brothers case as we speak. It is possible he is too sick to be moved, but I have the service ready to go to move him to the VA Houston.  If nothing else the neurologist in Houston will be able to consult with the neurologist where my brother lives.  If by Friday I do not have assurances he will be moved to Houston, I will move him to another nursing home.

Their lawyers are already reviewing medical records and emails which prove my claims of intentional neglect.  Yes the administrator gets an A+ for knowing how to collect the money, but she sent me a very bizarre email this morning which left me to conclude she does not care about patient care.  The nursing home's lawyers know if they do not honor my demand that a person who is not family who is emotionally and physically abusing him when she visits, is banned from his room, they will be hit with a restraining order tomorrow.  I have the lawyer ready to go.

The administrator actually told me, mind you I have full legal authority over my brother and the right to make all decisions, she would not ban this person unless asked by my brother who is now less then mentally competent,  That was the final straw. 

It is endless excuses that nurses and aides are being written up based on my complaints - in my opinion she has been lying all along.  It has been an easy $10,000 a month for them to do nothing.

This person is so evil she accused my brother who cannot move his legs and can barely move his hands of sexually abusing her while she was in his room.  I was there when she came running down the hall screaming the allegation.  He has no prostate - cannot move his legs and cannot hold anything with his hands. 

My brother was rushed to the hospital because she poisons him with junk food the doctor has said he cannot have.  The nursing home will not stop it,

I am wiped from dealing with lawyers all morning - I am going to get something to eat and then come back and work on more things for my brother.  The rest of the DA Saenz story has to wait.

The state is moving on the nursing home for abuse. 

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