Tuesday, March 31, 2015

You know Gerardo, all you have proven is any idiot who can bullshit a teacher can get into MIT.

When I left my emergency brain MRI at Doctors Hospital Renaissance in McAllen at about 12:30 a.m., the following was waiting for me:

"A political ad for Cesar De Leon was posted in the Brownsville Blues this afternoon (9:49 p.m., 3/30/2015). Why would he turn to a pornographer according to you for support when you are supporting him in his campaign? Unbelievable.   "

It is clearly from Gerardo or one of his lemministic [yes new word] supporters.

Newsflash for your Gerardo you big cry baby - I already did the story.


Well, maybe - and I do not like sacred cows - so I am making amends.  Mr. Paz-Martinez rightfully pointed out that Robert Sanchez and Sergio Zarate are not the only ones paying McHale to advertise on his porn blog"

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While in the MRI for and hour and 30 minutes [it was detailed- both optic nerves, the pituitary, hypothalamus, ventricles, and an area which has been noted to have greater and greater atrophy with each MRI - and then a general picture of the brain], I had already decided on this post.

Before leaving for the MRI, I got an email from Melissa, a text from Jessica, and a phone call from the always entertaining and delusional Trey Garza.  I hung up on Trey Garza and recommended he see a psychiatrist.  The man would deny his own existence if he thought it would get him out of trouble.


Before leaving I was printing and marking as exhibits everything I need for the IRS, see next post, and my lawsuits against the Zarate and Sanchez families.  They will be separate lawsuits.  I do not want to allow the insurance companies to combine offers for a smaller settlement.

As I am printing everything and marking each of McHale's post - btw - McHale is broke and will not be included - I just want the Zarate and Sanchez families to cringe over how McHale walks and they pay.

I went to Jessica Tetreau's opening fundraiser.  This was the first time I interviewed César de León.  Also there was Rick Longoria as DJ - They claimed to be Jessica Tetreau's friends.  Jessica encouraged me to meet and get to know César. But yet as I am printing out everything I need from McHale's page for the extortion claim and my individual defamation claims, it hits me - it is actually worse than these two perverts advertising on a porn blog, they are paying McHale to trash their so called friend Jessica Tetreau.

Once I thought about it - it made sense - in her marriage she has put up with abuse - she has put up with abuse from McHale and Juanito - so now,  the men who claim to be her friend also abuse her?  This appears to be her fetish.

César, and Rick have both proven loyalty and friendship mean nothing.  If they cannot be loyal to a friend against a pornographer defaming and demeaning their friend Jessica Tetreau on a daily basis, why should we trust that they will be loyal to the people of Brownsville?  We cannot.
In the At Large rce I am recommending Robert Uresti.  He may not be a professional, but he loves Brownsville and he does not seem to have a penchant for betraying his friends.  Does he have a perfect past - nope - But he is still better than a disloyal scumbag like César.
As to District 1, just do not vote.  The people of District 1 need to send a clear message - all three candidates are shameful and should not be allowed to carry the reputation of Southmost.  Southmost is my favorite part of Brownsville - it is family - it is music - it is barbecue - I loved the years I lived in Southmost.

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