Monday, March 2, 2015


In less than a week after agreeing to be the Interim-Superintendent in name only, Zendejas gave into Minerva Peña and Joe Rodriguez and played the retaliation game.  This is no different than what Carl Montoya did to Tony  Fuller.  Montoya wanted to keep his job so he relieved Tony Fuller of his duties.  This is sick and it has to end.  Zendejas wanted the job so she agreed to play dirty and get BISD sued. She cares no more for children than a child abuser.  She sees nothing wrong with the money BISD is going to spend on lawyers to defend her indefensible conduct.

She is on the agenda for Tuesday.  Items 41 and 43.

41. Discussion, consideration and possible action on ratifying Interim Superintendent’s

43. Discussion, consideration and possible action regarding the appointment, employment,
evaluation, and duties of the Superintendent.

It is not possible she did her necessary due diligence before playing her role as a hired executioner to settle scores for Minerva Peña and Joe Rodriguez, on behalf of Rita Hernandez, Luis Hernandez, and Rick Zayas.  It is Rita Hernandez, Rose Longoria and Luis Segura who need to be fired forthwith.

What has to happen is Otis Powers, Cata Presas-Garcia, and Carlos Elizondo have to send a clear message of no - a contract will not be approved.

Cesar Lopez and Chirinos better pay attention.  BISD will be sued for Minerva Peña's conduct in discussing personnel matters with me.  I also believe those targeted will win on the merits.  I hope when they sue and they will, they include Luis Hernandez, and Rick Zayas.  Obviously  Esperanza Zendejas, Joe Rodriguez, and Minerva Peña will be included in the suit.

Zendejas in record speed based on her game playing is getting BISD sued.  More money which is needed for the children will go for the lawyers.  This is unacceptable.

Powers, Presas-Garcia, and Elizondo need to hold.  This will end Minerva Peña's role as Board President. Lopez or Chirinos need to join them to make four.  I am not talking about an alliance for the future.  I am talking about sending a message that Joe Rodriguez and Minerva Peña will not manage the BISD into bankruptcy.  The lawsuits have to stop,

If Zendejas believes the 4 votes are there, she will probably resign before the meeting.

But if Chirinos and or Lopez go along with Rodriguez and Peña they will find themselves in the same shit hole as Presas-Garcia, Otis Powers and Carlos Elizondo.

If Zendejas gets a contract any hope BISD will change for the better will be lost.

In the words of Nadezhda Mandelstam, "Hope against Hope"  Nadezhda means hope in Russian.


Anonymous said...

If rhere are no sacred cows, then why haven't you said, in clear English, that Sylvia Atkinson has been suspended?

BobbyWC said...

What does that have to do with sacred cows? Nothing - I have not been able to verify anything other than a major shack-up. I have claims - but not specific verification.

Everything I have said about Rita Hernandez, Rose Longoria and Luis Segura is based on personal one on one experiences.

Other than when Dr. Atkinson hired me to be a social studies teacher at Los Fresnos I have never met the woman. BISD personnel are fearing for their jobs.

When I get 100% certain verification I will make the claim - until then with all of the fear at BISD I will hold for verification as opposed to rumor

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

So, just call her and ask her, jusr like you did with Minerva Peña?

BobbyWC said...

If she has an attorney, you do not call and ask questions. I still provide that respect - you may not, but I do. Any misstatement or misquote could result in problems.

It is a respect issue.

Further the issue at this point is not whether she has been suspended - it is the fact Minerva Peña discussed personnel matters with me, which she did.

Go play your distraction game elsewhere

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

What evidence do you have that Minerva Pena discussed personnel matters with you. She can always say that she did not discussed such matters with you and that you are lying about such conversation.

BobbyWC said...

Mine is in a signed affidavit. You are exploring for evidence beyond my affidavit. Minerva can sign an affidavit denying the claim and I will post it and then we shall go from there.

Silly silly child - you are way out of your league

Bobby WC