Saturday, March 28, 2015


The bumps you see on him are the neurofibroma. The gene was passed through his mother. We have the same father, but different mothers. Daddy married 4 times. Wife 2, Alice gave daddy 4 girls and a boy. Mom [number 4], Alicia, had 6 boys and a girl. The neurofibroma cover his brain. My nephew also has it. I picked him up on the way to East Texas. He has information on a new medication which shrinks the brain tumors. They will not cure the problem. The medicine if I can get him on the list for terminal patients, will only make him more comfortable. I am fine with that.

I do not like being treated like a king out of fear.  While I am happy they are attending to his every need on demand, I do not like the reason.  Today I met with a representative from the state. 

No nursing home will accept my brother so I am stuck.  They know I will use every legal means to keep him put until I can get him moved.  The good news after months of doing nothing and refusing to cooperate they finally completed the paperwork for a 24/7 aide the VA will pay for.  I will work on that on Monday.

I am swollen up like a balloon.  I get back Sunday night.  Monday night they are doing a pre-surgery brain MRI. On Tuesday I see the neurosurgeon.  On Wednesday last I saw the neurologist who based on her write up had the VA work everything on an emergency basis.  The reality is, the neurosurgeon may decide it is too soon to drain the fluid.  There is no standard protocol.  What I know for sure is, they cannot restore the lost vision and the longer they take to do the surgery the worse it will get.

Well off to the nursing home for an hour or so.  That is all my brother can handle at a time.  I will see him, help him eat - then spend some time with my sister in law.
I had noticed my sister in law is not eating.  It is not the food.  She just does not want to eat.  So I told her you are in my brother's room pushing him to eat so now I am going to make you eat.  I agreed to allow her to eat the chicken salad only, but not the bread.  Oh, but then she had plenty of room for her vanilla high calorie shake, and orange sherbet.
My brother enjoyed having his son, myself and his wife eating dinner with him.  My brother then told the story about the night in Vietnam when he and some other soldiers killed some water buffalo they thought were Vietcong.  They were guarding a broken down supply truck.  They heard noise coming at them from the jungle and opened fire.  They next morning they found a bunch of dead water buffalo.
He enjoyed the time.


Expect a big week - there are a lot of things happening.  Depending on my exhaustion level I will get to them.  I know of two major stories for sure.  I am just waiting on my source to clear publication of the story.


Anonymous said...

Please thank your brother for fighting for our country. Praying for all of you. God bless

Anonymous said...

May God Bless him always its people like your brother that we have a Constution we have rights people now a days see our Veteran's just like anybody out there and that is wrong . I am not a Veteran but believe me i respect everybody especially our Veteran's... God Bless Our Country.