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Some years ago Roman had a meltdown and then shut down his anonymous cowardly blog, with a proud moniker of Vendetta, after I made the following comment.  "If Roman Perez told me he is a man I would not believe him."  The comment was not aimed at gender identity, it was aimed at his character - but Roman being insecure with himself assumed I was discussing gender identity - I was not.

I have a family member very successfully finally embracing the fact she was born a female not a male.  There was nothing in terms of voice or mannerisms which would have lead anyone to guess she was born a female.  Btw, we did her birthday with her girlfriend in Manhattan and she is gorgeous - confident - honest - and not taking personal the views of those coming to an understanding of the situation.  We know for a fact gender is identified in the brain and not by genitalia.  In fact the medical science on this issue is now being taught in medical schools.  Even within the trans community they have finally started the conversation as to whether there is a transition or embracing, which from a psychological perspective is very important.  I hate the term transgender and believe in time it will be viewed as derogatory because it ignores the fact they are merely embracing their true identity and not transitioning to a new person.

Anyway - I just hate the ignorance of gender identity having anything to do with mannerisms or voice - the absolute worse sex in the world for me is with a muscle bound man with a deep voice - they are the worse - I will not be vulgar, but all so many of them want is to throw their legs into the air and yell Freudian type comments while they are catching. Yes, when done right there is a muscle contraction orgasm and once they have it - they are done whether you are done or not.  And I will tell you ignorant bigoted idiots - these guys can crush you with their thumb.  So mannerism and voice have nothing to do with gender identity or sexual orientation.

Sorry for the side note - but I despise the ignorance on the subject.


I so distrust Roman Perez, if he had genetic testing to prove he is a man, I would call for an investigation of the lab where the testing was done.


Part of this story is questionable because as far as I can tell he has never said, where he works - well correction while looking for a comment he made on his twitter account about teaching I found this -

 "Due to weather my boss suggested I cancel class & do a hybrid. Glad to work for school that puts student's safety 1st" It was Barton who said Perez teaches through University Center for Wayland. [now confirmed by Roman]

I have been blogging since before blogs existed.  Years ago in Dallas I ran BalancingTheIssues.com  It was read nationally.  I had to write my own program using what until this day was the best and easiest program to use to create an online newspaper.  I forget who bought them out, but they destroyed the program and no such program ever replaced it.  It was called Front Page.

In Dallas in every campaign I did the same thing, I checked for candidate bankruptcies, criminal history, divorce history [allegations of domestic abuse would show up], and key - verified employment.  I would also verify the candidates' educational background - they tend to lie you know.

Twice now I have contacted University Center and Wayland and they are not verifying Roman has or is teaching any courses for them either last Fall or this Spring.  In all my years I have never had any institution refuse to verify employment.  This is an absolute first.

Roman's lies began when he called himself a professor when he was not.  Now he changed his title to Ad Professor - no Roman standard university abbreviation would be Adj Professor.  You cannot even get that stolen title correct.

From Roman's twit account:


"History Ad Prof. Catholic. Young Adults Minister. Eucharist Minister. Tweets politics, history, religion & sports. US Soccer fan. RT ≠ endorsement"

University Center does not offer the type course Roman claims to be teaching.  Do not come back and claim he teaches on line, by his own admission he claims to teach in a classroom.

Q: What is the University Center at Harlingen?
A: The University Center at Harlingen is a multi-institutional teaching center (MITC) designed to provide convenient access to junior and senior level courses for baccalaureate programs, which complement the Associate of Science, Associate of Applied Science and certificates awarded by TSTC Harlingen. In addition, University Partners will offer graduate programs that meet the needs of the community."
From Roman - Dated November 10, 2014.

 "Tomorrow's the big day I start professor job. Do I go Professor Roman, Prof. Perez, Mr. Perez, or just all hippie with just Roman?"

List of Wayland on Line Courses for the Semester starting November 10, 2014- No Roman Perez listed under World or American History

List for Wayland on Line Courses currently being taught.


Wayland or University Center will not confirm Roman Perez's employment - a common practice done by any personnel office.

Wayland University Center in Harlingen does not offer Freshman or Sophomore courses which would be the intro to American History Roman claims to be teaching.

A list of all instructors for on line courses for the period Roman claims to be teaching does not include any listing of a Roman Perez teaching History.  The current semester also does not include any listing of Roman teaching.

Now of course Wayland could be the type institution which never verifies employment and has somehow left Roman's name off of all possible course listings.

You can click here for in classroom courses starting November 10, 2014, and Roman's name appears nowhere.

I would guess lecture at U.T. Arlington all of the time in American Government.  My resume does not list me as an Ad Professor at U.T. Arlington - it says guess lecturer - it also lists three years as an Adj Lecturer at Houston Community College.  This was during my law school years.  I should have accepted the full time position after law school, but I really was not a Houston person.


Click - first what the hell is an Ad Professor which is what Roman now claims to be on his twitter account?  Second Wayland calls their adjuncts, lecturers not professors.

Once again, Roman proves he is all lies.  What really scares me is, if we are to believe Roman, which I do not, he is teaching morality to children in Southmost. 


I will post as a separate free standing post any document which shows Roman Perez carries the title of professor in any form and any proof he taught at Wayland starting November 10, 2014, or is currently teaching at Wayland.  The proof must be a document which clearly shows it was generated by Wayland.


Because the con artists want to play - Everything I printed here is true.  At no time did I say Roman has not or is not currently teaching.  I just documented Wayland will not verify it, and the online course listings fail to list him as either a classroom lecturer or on line lecturer.  It is Wayland telling me as a part time lecturer he would never be allowed to carry the title Ad Professor - what ever that is.

But again, the BV will post as a free standing post any document which lists Roman as an Ad Professor at Wayland either in the past or currently or both.


In 2008, Melissa Landin sent this email to all the bloggers to warn us against Roman - since you want to play Roman - for your enjoyment and those delusion lemmings who follow you.  He posted on his twit account he will not advertise with bloggers who demean women - we all know that is a lie - he lives to demean women he is a fake Christian using they church for his own ends.

Roman you can spend the next 50 years reading the Bible and you will never know it as well as I do - I read it from the heart in a meditative state for understanding not judgment - but here is one which certainly 100% applies to you:

"And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light."

2 Corinthians 11:14

On Thu, Jun 26, 2008 at 12:49 AM, Melissa Zamora  ... email delete ...  wrote:
Earlier this evening,  I discovered that you are/were in fact DJ George who wrote all those horrible things about me, my family and my friends.
I am grief stricken. I opened up to you. I trusted you. I began to care for you as a dear friend.
I don't know how much more pain I can take because of my blog when all I truly want to do is make my community better for my children. They mean the world to me. From my short friendship with you, I've allowed you to get to know me. Now you know, that I am in fact, a hard worker dedicated to my employment and my family. You saw firsthand how I spent my little free time on my blog. I was looking forward to working with you on future projects, too.
Folks have said some horrible things about me, but I kept on, and I encouraged you to do the same. I did my best to be a good friend to you, and I was criticized for keeping my word by not revealing your identity when I found out. Their criticism was appropriately aimed.
But today's news hurt me more than ever. I don't know if I'd ever be able to allow myself to trust folks again. That was always my strength, but apparently a weakness, too. It seems my true friends are far and few between lately.
I am very sad, but I no longer want to cry over this whole ordeal.
I wish you well, Roman. I pray that you learn to trust. I pray that you learn that not everyone out there is a bad person. The key to believing in others is to first believe in yourself.
People make mistakes. We all do. It's how we rectify them that makes the difference. No one else can fix this, but you.
God bless.


Anonymous said...

Roman used his blog to anonymously write very nasty, misogynistic missives aimed at women. Outside of his blog, he faced these women as a friend. He was anonymous until he had a falling out with his friend, Joseph Zavaletta. Zavaletta then outted "V" as Roman Perez. He can NEVER be trusted.

Anonymous said...

Excellent report, for once, but still excellent...

Anonymous said...

James, not Joseph. Sorry about that.

BobbyWC said...

Two issues, so if you like what I write it is excellent - I am document driven - I did a lot of research on this over several weeks - I gave Wayland two opportunities to verify employment - I have searched every online schedule Wayland has

You might be surprised how many stories sit for weeks as I verify - and how many never make it because allegations cannot be verified.

On the Zarates and their problems with DownbytheBorder - I have been given claims by vendors for years and never did a story - it became the claim of the vendor versus the Zarates - does not meet my standards - but once the Texas Comptrollers office verified the tax returns were false - then I had the story I held for years.

On the V issue - it was the BV who broke that story - Roman who I had never met before approached me at a city commission meeting. He walks up to me and holds up a V like some 5 years old trying to tell me he has learned a new letter. I told me I had no idea what he was talking about and then he explained he was behind the blog and the V stood for Vendetta. I published the exchange and then he sent me a bizarre email claiming he thought we were friends - I thought really - I spent 2 minutes talking to him after he approached me and he thought we were friends

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Very good...now we need the same on erasmo Castro....and others