Thursday, March 19, 2015


The picture is of my daddy with my brother.  My family has lived in Brownsville since the early 40's.  Juanito loves to say I am a Dallas transplant with no ties to Brownsville.  My family has been in Brownsville a lot longer than his.  Daddy lived on what is today Waco road along the resaca.  He worked for Pan American as a radio operator during the pre radar days.


Next week I am heading to east Texas after I see the neurologist about the possible surgery to drain the brain fluid build put putting pressure on my optic nerves and compressing the pituitary gland which is in all likely the source of nearly all of my health problems.

I have to find a new nursing home for my brother.  The VA is going to help me find a place in Houston which will allow my sister in law to be close by.  But this could still be months.

Later this week or early next week federal investigators will enter the nursing home to investigate my abuse charges.  I feel bad for the director because she is A+, but the nursing staff and aides are animals who sit and do nothing while the seniors yell out for help as the nursing staff ignore the buzzers.

I cried a lot yesterday and the VA representatives had to calm me down more than once.  I have totally failed my brother and it hurts.  He cannot be moved without sedation.  The pain he suffers is unbearable when he is moved to go see a doctor.  His neurologist recommended I move him as little as possible.  Yesterday's brain MRI showed major brain damage caused by the neurofibroma.  I had to demand he be sent to a neurologist and receive an MRI,  I no longer give doctors a say in what needs to get done - I go in prepared and tell them what they need to do.  Doctors are not qualified to know what needs to get done.

Because my brother cannot be moved I have no choice but to use the in house doctor at the nursing home.  I want to fire her but cannot because no doctor will treat my brother at the nursing home and I will not agree to have him sedated every time he has to leave to go see a doctor.  So my hands are tied.

The director gets an A+ for getting TRICARE to pay out over $10,000 a month for both my brother and sister in law.  If I switch nursing homes I could end up with a director who does not know how to work TRICARE.  I can tell you I have interviewed three directors in Brownsville and they have never heard of TRICARE - so again my hands are tied.

But the neglect and abuse have reached the point he must be moved.

My angel sister in law is in the nursing home with him.  She gets around in wheelchair and goes see my brother 4 times a day.  Every time his sheets are soaked from urine.  They will not change his diapers.  She says she can smell to feces from the hall.  No matter how many times the aides have been written up they will never be fired so they have no reason to do their job.

The in house doctor just bills Tricare and Medicare while doing nothing.  For months she has now refused to communicate with me or sign a simple letter for the VA - "My brother is in the nursing home in need of 24/7 care due to the long term effects of his stroke."  She will not do it. Well next week the government will visit and do it for her. She will be investigated for billing fraud along with the nursing home.

My hands were tied - the director was saving my brother and sister in law $10,000 a month.  Sure they can afford it, but why should they pay when they have insurance?  I look at how much my high school drop out brother saved over the years and it blows my mind.  He never denied himself what he wanted, but he made sure Medicaid would never have to pay for his nursing home care.  We have a good 5 years before the money runs out and they have to start paying.


People you have no idea how hard it is.  Every federal agency wants a different Power of Attorney or Third Party Representative form.  The VA yesterday asked for yet a third type form which is when I broke down.  Why is it the U.S. government cannot just create a Statutory Power of Attorney which covers everything such as Texas did?

I get the daily complaints from my sister in law crying - she goes to my brother's room and his sheets are soaked from urine and feces and his food is all over him and the floor.  I have demanded over and over again and offered to pay for it - he needs someone to feed him.  He has no use of his hands.  They make him try and feed himself and in the process the food ends up all over him, and the floor.  He has lost a ton of weight.

This is every day. I get calls at 3 in the morning.  "Can we give your brother an extra pain killer"  My heart stops every time I see the name of the nursing home on my phone at 3 a.m. The director is heart broken. She has threatened everyone with discharge and they do not care.  I am going after the medical license of the in house doctor for calculated intentional malpractice and billing fraud.  The nurses are animals.  The last time I was there I nearly sucker punched a nurse for yelling at my brother.  They left him for hours in soaked sheets and feces.  When you move him he suffers extreme pain.  Yesterday's MRI proves it its real.  I do not think they will do the surgery because of his poor health.  My fear is they will just put him on a morphine drip.  Once the VA finishes their part they are looking at moving him to the VA hospital in Houston for better care. 

Anyway this animal who claims to be a nurse is yelling at my brother as he is yelling out in pain - and all I could do is stand there and listen.  The nurse verbally abused him over and over again for yelling out in pain.  God I wanted to deck him, but I filed a complaint and he was banned from going near my brother.

So yesterday was the final day I could tolerate the situation.

I called the VA and told them I could not get them the final document they wanted to send in emergency care because the in house doctor has made it clear she will not complete the form.  You see TRICARE will not pay for her time to complete the form so she will not complete it.

I was begging for help.  After I lost it and broke down crying blaming myself for his abuse, they found a high level supervisor to calm me down.  His case was set on an emergency basis and things will move this week or next week.  Federal investigators will be at the nursing home to take statements from my sister in law, other patients and staff. They already have mine.  Until they can move him to Houston for a better and more complete evaluation they will approve a 24/7 aide to be with him in the nursing home.  Yesterday my sister in law had to stand from her wheelchair to move my brother in the bed because he was in the process of falling out.  He already fractured his hip once because of this type neglect.  They know he falls out of the bed and refuse to put him in the proper bed. 

I was done. It is so hard - what do you do?  Do I fire the only in house doctor and then subject my brother to sedation every time he has to see a doctor.?  Do I switch nursing homes and chance the new director does not know how to work TRICARE.  Medicare only pays 100 days of nursing home care.  TRICARE pays for the life of the veteran and his spouse so long as they are in skilled nursing care.

Yesterday the staff decided they could no longer deal with his complaining about the intense pain during physical therapy.  He must have someone move his legs several times a day - it is essential to his well being.  They tried to get my sister in law to sign a release to allow them to stop the skilled nursing care.  She refused directing them to me.  I notified the director it was not going to happen.  I demanded to know why my brother is not with a therapist to help him deal with the pain.  The doctor just does not care. She looks into his room and bills the government.  I hope her worthless ass ends up in prison.

Once I have him moved, I will retain counsel to sue the nursing home for his fractured hip and intentional neglect.  We have plenty of witnesses.

I am grateful someone at the VA yesterday felt my pain as I cried out of control saying someone just anyone has to stop asking for yet another authorization and help my brother - I begged them - I said he has signed three  different type power of attorneys  and now the VA wanted a forth before they could provide emergency care at my request.  The supervisor got it and felt my pain,  The feds need to pass a law allowing all  federal agencies to accept Statutory Power of Attorneys.

I should have ended this months ago  - but its is not easy - I cannot just throw his hard earned money away by switching nursing homes.,  I cannot just have him sedated to have him see an outside doctor because the quack who works for the nursing home only cares about her billing fraud. You just do not know what to do. 

But yesterday was it.  The VA in Houston heard my outcry for help and decided to help.  So until they can get him to the medical center in Houston, which will require sedation - I have to go next week to find a new nursing home.  I would go sooner but I have to see the neurologist on Wednesday next.  If she orders any emergency testing she will just have to wait until I get back a week later.


During Vietnam the Sullivan rule still applied.  No two brothers could be in a combat zone at the same time.  My brother had just completed a tour in Vietnam.  One of my two other older brothers had either just received or was notified they were about to receive their orders for Vietnam.  My brother who I now care for inquired if he went back could he be guaranteed a post in Saigon with no possibility of having to go in country.  They made him the guarantee so he went, and my other brother had his orders cancelled.  My mother who is not his mother, never forgot his gift.  Having lost daddy in 63' she could not deal with the prospect of losing one of her sons. 

My mother knew all of daddy's other 5 children.  In 1959, when Dorothy and Betty came knocking at the door in Salt Lake looking for daddy, mom learned the truth and forced the issue of all of us bonding.  In 62' we spent a week in Brownsville with my sister and her family before heading on to Nicaragua.  Pan Am was still flying out of Brownsville. 

I will never forget that gift my brother gave my mother - I have spent years caring for him and taking care of his legal and personal problems.  It has been my pleasure.

It pains me to say, I wish he would just let go and pass.  But he is a Wightman - stubborn as hell.  It is his choice.  But for an abused child raised by my father's third wife - neither my brother's mother nor my mother and a high school drop out he learned true honor and character, served his country and prepared for his nursing home care so Medicaid would never have to pay - my pride in him is overwhelming - and for the gift he gave my mother - I can never repay.

I am just sorry it has taken me so long to say enough is enough. This nursing home needs to be shut down and all of the nurses investigated along with the in house doctor.  They are not human - they are animals who do not belong in the healthcare field.


Anonymous said...

Joshua rewards those without interest. Good luck.

BobbyWC said...

I would love nothing more than to learn on my drive to upper east Texas that the VA Houston is already moving him to the VA in Houston. It will allow for an extended stay for me because I have several friends who will provide me a place to sleep.

I will stay on this every second come Monday morning until I know the VA Houston is willing to accept him. On Monday morning I will leave a letter at Congressman Vela's office asking that he ask Washington VA to help the Houston VA expedite the process.

Congressman Vela has proven himself over and over again as a great servant of the people. His father would be proud. I do not doubt for one second, his office will move heaven and earth to help my brother. But he cannot force the VA - he can only contact the right people.

Bobby WC