Thursday, March 5, 2015

Well weather in NY and a Delta accident closed the NY airports.  We were diverted to DC.  After nuclear war with United, and four hours later I was able to get a voucher to take Amtrak from DC to NYC. I am about 30 minutes outside Penn Station.
The customer service person claimed four of us never turn in our original boarding pass needed for the voucher.  Yea, she changed her mind after the supervisor pulled the 4 out of trash.
Then all of us were told our luggage was  waiting for us at baggage claim.  Four hours and it was still on the plane.  I am without any luggage or my medicines.  My fault for not carrying my medicines with me.
With everything that went wrong, I became like a kid on Christmas morning the second the train left Union Station.  I love trains.  It has been a wonderful 3 hours.  Well I think we are close to Penn Station.
I will have to run to catch the last train out to Eastern Long Island

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