Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Barton's Lie

"Without reading Micheal's rebuttal, I know Rick hasn't done shit for Southmost"  Barton knows nothing about government, its process, and the art of compromise to get the most essential things you need for your constituents.


But first a side note - people how government works - Boca Chica is a state highway - it is the Lucios and Oliviera failing you in not getting the flooding fixed, not the city of Brownsville or any of their  commissioners.  You need to learn to blame the right people if you want to fix any problem.


"Let me say again, Brownsville is looking mighty good with how the Honorable Rick Longoria and Candidate Michael Gonzalez are conducting their campaign - it is a campaign of substance and both sides supporters should be proud of their candidates.
These 3 pictures show the information that PUB sent me this afternoon. The South Wastewater Treatment Plant will be fully covered by December of this year. If everything goes as planned by February of 2016 the plant should be odor free. As promised PUB has delivered on its commitment of depleting the odor problem on East Avenue and all the surrounding neighborhoods. Like anything else these projects take time and money. There is no magic wand to make these things happen over ...night. It's very easy to point fingers and say this person is not getting things done fast enough, but when you've never held public office and have never been through the red tape, endless emails, phone calls to the city manager, the PUB CEO and board members; then it's easy to say that. That my friends is why I am your Brownsville City Commissioner for District 1 that does deliver on his promises!! Thank you to all the residents and people that drive by the plant on a daily basis for your patience."

See Rick's FB page for complete documentation


Anonymous said...

"But first a side note - people how government works - Boca Chica is a state highway - it is the Lucios and Oliviera failing you in not getting the flooding fixed, not the city of Brownsville or any of their commissioners. You need to learn to blame the right people if you want to fix any problem."

Yes, commissioner Longoria is correct in his words above, but you will agree that the commissioners are the voice of the people....and not just by voting on agenda items, but on relaying problems like the flooding on Boca Chica are causing. I am willing to bet that since the commissioner has been in office, he has not had a meeting with the Oliveiras or Lucio's about the flooding on Boca Chica Blvd. That is what meant by doing nothing. Being a commissioner is not just going to ribbon cuttings, coming out in parades and posting on FB. It is in relaying the concerns in the city that have to do with state leaders. I believe that falls into what Mr. Barton was saying.

BobbyWC said...

And what proof do you have he has never done any of this. You do know the Lucios do not even answer their office phones. If you think Rene Oliviera ever meets with the people other than at drinking parties you do not know than man. I know people who have been at parties with him where he brings young girls and drinks.

So again what proof do you have Rick has never done any of these things you claim he has not done.

Now how about showing some effort and doing an open records request on the issue and when they answer your question with a none, then post it - but if they send you a bunch of emails showing he has made requests post those

But for now you are just posting nonsense with no proof.

You only helped Rick with your post.

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

First, I am not going to allow anony's to post a list of people they hate and then claim they never answer their phones. If I have first hand knowledge of same that is different.

As to Rick he takes my calls. His FB page is filled with comments from his constituents thanking him for taking their call - so you just think people are stupid.

Comment rejected.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I don't know what Hwy 4 or the Lucios or Oliveira have to do with District 1, but it is clear that Rick "Mr. Experience" Longoria must not have enough experience to be able to "cut through the red tape" after 12 year and still wants "his people" to wait another 12 months to get the stink out of their district. That is ridiculous. He can either do the job, or he can't and he hasn't. Even the wastewater plant on the northside still stinks. If Rick is so experienced why can't he just call PUB and tell them to get off their asses and take care of business. Why, after 5 years, did he ditch the Dome Shelter in exchange for some "caliche" to patch up a few streets right before election. That's pathetic. Now the kids on the northside get a Dome Shelter with a built in gym and "his people" get nada. His experience really paid off there, didn't it? With all his experience, why didn't he know enough about the East Loop to know it was going to go right through the new Lincoln Park location he voted to move the park to? Oh yeah, I forgot, after "his people" rose up against it, he changed his mind. Only his great experience would lead him to believe "his people" might not like his first vote. Why did "his people" have to find out for themselves that Julietta was lying all along about UT moving out of Brownsville. You would think his experience might lead him to know how to contact UT himself, but that wouldn't fit in with his buddies at United Brownsville's plans would it? He's a tool for UB, do some digging on that one. The choice is clear. Go MICHAEL!!!! El Salvador de Southmost. AIYEEEEE