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My ears are to the ground. The BV is not Juanito who prints a two week old story about Minerva Peña running cover for Rose Longoria and Rita Hernandez concerning alleged falsification of attendance records, which originally appeared on the BV.  My affidavit on the issue concerning Minerva telling me about it weeks in advance is causing ripples for BISD counsel. 

But the rumors are flying - there are enough contradicting rumors at this  time I am trusting nothing until I can get a reliable source to give me a second confirmation.  I have a hectic day, but my ears are to the ground.  People know how to get ahold of me.  If anything new develops I will get it posted.


Time may be short on my brother.  Yesterday was bad - but today he is doing better.  He has neurofibroma.  Genetically it is the same problem which causes people to lose their skin pigment.  When he was leaving the military they offered him E-8, which for someone in supplies is a rare offer.  E-9 is the highest rank for enlisted. The base commander and chief physician cleared him for one more assignment to South Korea where he was needed.  They said the advancing stages of his neurofibroma would not interfere with his duties.  He had recently remarried and did not want to leave his wife behind, so he turned down the promotion.  But those letters give me great pride in his accomplishments.  He was a high school dropout who got his education in the military.

I would say 80% of the American people would kill to have what he has in his retirement accounts.  If TRICARE stops paying neither he nor my sister in law will ever have to go on Medicaid to pay for the nursing home.

In 1985, the neurofibroma interfered with his brain and caused a mild stroke.  His medical records since then show regular mini-strokes which eventually lead to him having to be in a nursing home.  Just moving him causes major pain. 

I may sound cruel or odd but I was hoping he was going to pass yesterday.  It is time for the pain to end.  But I am told he is doing better.


What I am doing I could not do without the director of the nursing home.  First, she knows about TRICARE, military retirement insurance., Medicare only pays up to 100 days of nursing home care.  TRICARE pays for the life time of the veteran so long as they need skilled nursing care.  This Director has TRICARE paying 100% for my brother and sister-in-law.  Now yesterday I spent 5 hours completing paperwork for TRICARE because they want to blame the nursing home for my brother's fall.  I was not there so I have no idea - but I know this - the first month was hard on him and sometimes he would try and get out of bed.  Beyond that, he needs skilled nursing care because of the stroke.  TRICARE will pay - but I was only able to do what I did because of the help I received from the director.

My sister in law also needs to be there, but she can get around.  She keeps an eye on my brother.  She makes sure he gets what he needs.  Families who just dump their loved ones and do nothing are the problem.  You have to be there everyday to help the staff when possible. 

The work I am doing now to improve his financial situation is for my sister in law. She has been caring for him since 1985, after the stroke. My brother will for sure pass first.  Under Texas law she gets everything as they are coowners on all accounts.  Her children then inherit what is left of the estate.  My goal is to be able to eventually move her into assisted living at $3,500 a month, once my brother passes.  We will have to pay for it, but I doubt she will live past a 100 so we are good.

But I will tell you, without a good director, good luck getting anything done. 

My word to my readers - interview the director first when choosing a nursing home for your loved one.  Make sure they have experience with the insurance you have.  Make sure they understand how to write up a skilled nursing request so you get at least the 100 days for free.  Make sure they will not get mad if you bring to


Anonymous said...

Maybe the other blogger is covering up for Zendejas and friends. He's been too quiet. Hmmmm

BobbyWC said...

I'm on the fence on this one - if Otis and Cata have a reason to protect Judy Cuellar then you are right - but it is to protect Judy Cuellar. Otis and Cata were key in the selection of Zendejas

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

". . . . alleged falsification of attendance records . . . "

To confirm such fraud, you can request the reported attendance records for all the high schools in BISD. High School ADA is usually in the vicinity of 90% - 94%, anything above that percentage is very unusual but not impossible.

Anonymous said...

Crazy stuff, the Admin thru her Risk Manager under the bus or does Cuellar have so much pull with Coach Joe? Where was the Internal Auditor in all of this? The BISD needs to look at the Internal Auditor emails. Most of it is CHAIN LETTERS and birthday luncheons.