Thursday, March 12, 2015


In December Juanito accused me of printing a false story about Pete Sepulveda becoming the county judge and the weir dam being a big issue on the agenda. Juanito never having a truth to print claimed the story was planted to see if Ernie Hernandez would pass on the false story to me so that he Juanito, the great Watergate style journalist could then print a story claiming my source is Ernie Hernandez and that because I speak to the bogie man no one should read my blog.

This is what Juanito said:

"There is no one pushing the weir dam, Babosa"  It eats Juanito alive that I have sources everywhere who trust me.  The Pete Sepulveda deal was cut back in December.  Alex Dominguez tried to grab the spot only to have his fellow commissioners laugh in his face.  John Villarreal could not keep his mouth shut and verified personally the story that Dominguez would be county judge and he would be a county commissioner- two hopelessly delusional public officials.  John Villarreal through his big mouth made a fool of himself.


In addition to wanting to restructure the county government which is long over due, County Judge Pete Sepulveda announced his intent to restart the weir dam project.  He made clear he understands what Carlos Cascos and Tony Martinez never understood - you cannot move forward without a water policy.  Sepulveda outlined all the reasons why the weir dam is needed.  I believe he is the man who will make it happen.  I'm feeling good for Cameron county.


In a perfect world we would start construction on the weir dam yesterday.  Space X needs a lot of water.  A dam releases water as much as it holds water.  The dam can be built now near the area where Space X is building.  It just needs to hold enough water to serve Space X and part of Mexico.  The rest of the water can be released to keep it from backing up to the city area. 

Once both sides see the benefit of the weir dam in actual operation, it will be easier to get our Mexican counterparts to get on board.  The dam will already be in place serving Space X and parts of Mexico.  Once the structural changes are made on both sides of the river in the populated areas of Matamoros and Brownsville it will simply be a matter of allowing more water to back up - or put another way the releasing of less water.


I am certain the feds and state will help to fund stage one of the weir dam - namely to serve Space X.  This can happen a lot sooner than later.  With the dam in place Matamoros will get in line.  But for now we only hold back enough water to serve Space X and Mexicans along the river.

This can happen if we think small for stage one.


Anonymous said...

Pete was a great choice. He knows what he is doing, and better yet, he knows what needs what to get done.

JOG said...

It all sounds good but to me PUB can't wait to put their stamp on it. We pay the bill again and again....just another way to make the poorest pay for the rich.

BobbyWC said...

The BPUB has no jurisdiction in the county. The feds and state will pay - they put up most of the money last time.

Once it happens it will bring major economic development to downtown. Before the up river dams you could sale all the way to Rio Grande City. My brother in law remembers river boats near downtown. The violence in Mata will eventually end and a fully developed weir dam will mean a major economic development for downtown

These means tax dollars for more services

bobby WC

Anonymous said...

You are absolutely right. The state and federal government will foot the bill for the weir. The state is the one that has to take the lead in negotiations with Mexico to make it happen.