Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The endless game playing with Chief Rodriguez is beyond over.  I can prove he is running cover for Ben Neece.  I have the documents and am going to the AG and FBI for help.  I can prove his office is refusing open records requests.  I can prove his office has lied about open records requests.  I can prove after I documented that a homicide detective was more than likely party to an extortion scheme I was told in writing that the documents which prove it if I wanted hard copies I would have to pay $30 for research.  Here is the deal, when they were sent my email some were covering others so I could not read them.  There was no request for a research fee.  I then documented the alleged extortion scheme and was told if I wanted copies I could read I had to pay $30 research fee.  I offered to pay for each page.  They have refused to respond
I filed a formal complaint with COB counsel Allison Bastion and true to form she ran cover for Chief Rodriguez by doing nothing.
Since then Rodriguez's office refuses to respond to my requests.  Fine, the AG will order him to respond and the FBI will have that much more to use against Chief Rodriguez, Ben Neece, and homicide detective Clipper. I have twice asked to whom I need to send the request for an internal investigation on the alleged extortion scheme and falsification of a police report and twice Chief Rodriguez's office has refused to answer the question.
What do they have on Chief Rodriguez that he is so willing to be a party to an obstruction of justice to protect Ben Neece and Detective Clipper?

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