Thursday, March 12, 2015

The rumblings started yesterday.  But on the claims being made, I will need two verifications before I believe it.  The treachery at BISD right now is intense.  Esperanza Zendejas is considered a fool who was played.  The rumblings surround what she will do to save her reputation.  If she walks away she will be blamed for creating a mess and will never again be hired as an interim superintendent - btw - this is a new industry - retired superintendents acting as interims.

If she stays and suspends the right people she believes she will be dumped.

The term being used at BISD is "controlling the mushroom"  It refers to a mushroom cloud after a nuclear explosion.

A question law enforcement is concerned with is Joe Rodriguez statements on tape that anyone who wants the issuance contract better go through Joey Lopez.  Joe Rodriguez's son will not be able to save him on this one.  Everyone knows Saenz will do nothing with the criminal complaint filed.  But the Texas Rangers and FBI are both working the criminal complaint.

The real sad part is, BISD staff are too stupid to understand every one of these new bids will be reviewed by the FBI and any attempt by anyone at BISD to rig the process will result in criminal prosecution.  But BISD staff and trustees are too stupid to accept this reality and will not change their ways. 

We will find out the deal Joe Rodriguez cut with Zendejas.  The Minerva Peña supporters will soon learn she is nothing more than a low IQ sap who is easily played, first by Otis and now by Joe Rodriguez.  Joe Rodriguez owns Minerva Peña and he will fight tooth an nail to keep her as board president.


Anonymous said...

Hey Bobby, from reading your blogs, did the Superintendent put the BISD Risk Manager on paid-leave? Shouldn't it be the Administrator too? Already, rumor has it that already Dr. Zendy is becoming a Dr. A....meddling in everything and controlling everything down to the toilet paper being used. Zendy should stick to what she was hired to do, CLEAN HOUSE, and leave BISD business alone. Man, Coach Joe Rod should advise to turn it down a notch or else everyone will want her out FAST!

BobbyWC said...

Far too many people are telling me the same thing - Zendejas is too stupid and Coach Rodriguez has too many scores to settle.

Ernesto de Leon Jr., will in all likelihood be suing. This is all on Judy Cuellar. Zendejas showed her incredible incompetence or participation in the cover-up by allowing for the suspension of De Leon.

I personally believe the FBI could be in Zendejas office as we speak and she would have no idea why.

She was hired to do the dirty work. The question is will BISD lie about the emails I have already been made privy to, or release them through a formal open records request.

BISD will hang itself. They think that the FBI cannot get the emails - I am certain they already have them.

Zendejas has hung herself - she is done after this job.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

My question bobby why hasn't Judy cuellar been reassigned to another dept while this investigation falls into place? My money is she will be indicted and its long over due 8 years of this mess is enough.

BobbyWC said...

She knows too much. This is going to explide wirh no board member surviving. Zendejas is looking for an exit strategy

Anonymous said...

You wrote "This is going to explide wirh no board member surviving.". You are on meds again. You should not post while medicated. Just saying....

Anonymous said...

Why is it that our Leaders have to act like silly infants? It seems that every time we get new leaders there is always a cleaning of the house. Not only now but also when Montoya was in charge. I know for a fact about house cleaning since it was done to me. Instead of using people for what they are capable of doing people bring in their buddies or friends or payoffs or you can pick a name. This is why, I think, BISD is in such a mess. I hope TEA or the FBI or both can provide true guidance and for many of us in BISD; HOPE.