Tuesday, March 3, 2015


It may take a week or two to get a copy through an open records request, but it was approved subject to conditions set out in executive session.  Of course until the contract is released we will not know those conditions. This is the problem with the abuse of executive session.  If the terms will be released to the public once the contract is signed, only a lack of transparency prevented Minerva Peña from disclosing those conditions. 

Nothing has changed - just a new bunch of rats in control wasting BISD money and denying children an education.  More law suits will follow as yet another inept Board does as it pleases, versus doing the people's business.


Anonymous said...

Does it matter what the conditions of the contract are? The school district needs an Interim Superintendent and the board has decided that Zendejas is the most qualified person who can do the job. On an other note, how about you posting your signed affidavits of your conversation with Minerva Pena. Presenting your signed affidavits with the notary public signature and dated will give you credibility over anything that Pena might say about your conversation.

BobbyWC said...

There is nothing in my affidavit which has not already been posted.

Minerva will hang herself - she can just wait for the attorneys to turn it over to BISD - it is already sent out.

I do not give a rats ass what you think.

My readers know when it comes to BISD I am spot on.

I called Carl Montoya's resignation, I called the interim, I called the citizen's committee.

I exposed healthsmart

I exposed the fact Otis Powers refused to call a special meeting for stop gap insurance.

My readers know if I say it it is true. You just want to know what the lawyers now know - not going to happen - go play with a fool - or yourself - same difference.

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

You can post all the moronic comments you want - Minerva is going to wait for the process to move forward and when that moment comes she will read the affidavit.

Before then she will be deposed and interviewed by lawyers and the insurance company. If it is shown she lied then she is screwed.

Any intelligent person knows the only reason you are making such a big deal about the affidavit is because Minerva is worried and wants to see it.

My readers are not stupid - I stated the facts as I know them - nothing other than choice prevents Minerva from taking to the web and denying each claim.

She knows she cannot so she has idiots try and force me to give up everything so she can review it before having to swear to anything under oath.

No my dear, I will allow Minerva to hang herself and she will.

Minerva knows internal documents prove disciplinary action was under way when she spoke with me - she also knows I only could have known what I new if someone told me the specifics. It is really that simple

Internal documents will prove my affidavit truthful and hers perjury if she is dumb enough to sign one denying my claims

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

I'm not playing your pathetic game. First you make it a point as a distraction to claim the bv has never done anything or has sources at bids. Then as proof I list the stories I broke because of the sources you say I do not have and then you play this game of why do you have to list your accomplishment. Well no one is playing. My readers know a con artist. Internal documents will prove Minerva discussed personnel matters with me. The documents she mentioned predate the phone call. She under oath is going to have to explain how I knew such detail. If you think I am going to allow Minerva to see the affidavit before she has to respond to the claims you are nuts. Minerva will hang herself. You obsession with the affidavit only tells me Minerva is nervous. She will lose this. She is so stupid that she does not see Joe rod already has her set up as the fall guy.

Anonymous said...

So whats the update on the Lucy-Cata Lawsuit? How much money has been thrown to their lawyers and will the District have to pay these ladies? If they are all about the KIDS, they would of dropped their lawsuit already. Everyone thinks Cata would drop it. Lucy-lu is money-hungry and has no shame. She showed up at the BISD Board Celebration for attention. The only thing she did was bring on a BISD Lawsuit as a Board Member!

BobbyWC said...

Since September we have been waiting on Judge Hanen to rule on the Motion to Dismiss the lawsuit.

BObby WC

Anonymous said...

Why are you not present at the board meeting or committee meetings to see what is really going on? The district is finally getting some direction and almost everyone is happy they now have one real leader and not a puppet!

BobbyWC said...

Really after one week. The bisd emoyees i know are nervous wrecks