Sunday, March 8, 2015


Getting ready to head to Manhattan for my niece Sarah's B-day.  Saturday mine was at my younger brother's.  Picture and nephew, and grand nephew and nieces.

We have lots of snow - more snow pics later.  The bottom is my brother's backyard.  The smaller boat is used by his son and daughter and the larger one is used by my brother and his wife.  The Great South Bay freezes over so in about October the boats are pulled out.  His street dead ends into the GSB, so he docks his boats walking distance from his home.

Lots of more snow pics later.   Also a pic of the workshop my brother made for his grand children pictured in the first pic.  In my family you learn how to do your own repairs so his grand children are well on  their way to learning tool safety and how to fix or build small things.

Top Peconic Bay - eating scallops at a restaurant on the bay.  Another brother's driveway.  In the basement he has the work bench for his grandchildren.


brownsville literary review said...

God bless your family.

Anonymous said...

Have a safe trip. God Bless you & bring you home safely.