Thursday, March 19, 2015

"Bobby Was Correct! Wayland Baptist University Did Not Send Him A Reply Email About Roman Perez
I have just learned that the document I included in my story about the status of Roman Perez with Wayland Baptist University was never sent.  I apologize to Bobby Wightman-Cervantes for this error."


Dr. Hall verified the so called email was fabricated.  He also verified Roman Perez is not a professor at Wayland of any category - he is an adjunct faculty.  The fabrication of the email is a class A Misdemeanor.  I will file a formal criminal complaint with the DA and Brownsville Police.,  Of course nothing will come of it because candidates for public office are above the law.


I am beyond sickened by this woman's endless defense of her scumbag of a husband.  This is not her first rodeo with her worthless husband.  You cannot endlessly stand by such a person and then claim to be innocent.  Since she is the closest thing to a man in the family I demand she come to my blog and with verification of her name apology for herself and her daughter.

I suspect Roman's teaching days at Wayland are done with this semester, if not sooner.

Jim, you better publish what ever Roman sent you while distancing yourself from Roman.  If the police agree to charge Roman you can be charged under a conspiracy.,  Do the right thing and do it now.

Jim it was not an error.  Now how about do the proper thing and apologize to humanity for approving homophobic misleading statements against me.  We both know that will never happen because integrity defies who you are.
How about telling  the truth that Roman at no time sent you an email with verification of a To and From - which should have sent up red flags big time.  How about telling the truth about how Roman does what Roman does - he lies.
How about posting whatever email Roman sent you with the information so people know the truth about this pathological liar.  It's called transparency.  You have no right to ever demand transparency so long as you do not post whatever email Roman sent you.
How about telling the truth that you had no interest in the truth - how about telling the truth the only one with a vendetta is you and Roman.  It is your right to believe Rick Longoria is not right for the district.  But it is not your right to defame people to help scum like Roman Perez get elected.
I can assure you this is Roman's last semester teaching at Wayland.  They are not happy.
It pains me that because I am not a Catholic I could not become a Jesuit Priest.  I live and walk to the best of my ability the teachings of Joshua aka Jesus.  What did I do when Nena was sick and people wanted to post nasty comments about you on the BV - I rejected them and then came to your defense and that you should be left alone.
After suing Juanito and getting $60,000, what did I do when he was in jail for his DWI. I went to McHale and gave him the  case law to help him on the child support contempt issue, and offered to get Juanito 100% disability as a Vietnam veteran who suffers from alcoholism. I had no score to settle - I just had the right thing to do for someone in need.
You know why Jim?  Because unlike you or Roman - I know Joshua - I mediate in prayer every day for a better understanding of his message and with flaws every day I try my best to live his message of compassion and forgiveness.
I knew the day I went after Darryl Jordon with the State Bar  for his role in the conspiracy to void the $119 million judgment against the Dallas Diocese related to child molestation cases, I would lose my law license.  You know how long it took me to make that decision - a second maybe - because I knew I had to expose the truth and I did.  So they sued me on day one, served me on day 7, and granted summary judgment on day 10.  The appellate judge assigned to my case dismissed the appeal even though he was the judge I allegedly defamed. 
This is all evidence of good character.
I defend my character in the name of all people of good character because if I do not people like you and Roman Perez will destroy humanity.
And the next time either yours or Nena's health causes you to walk away from blogging I will do the same - reject all master comments and tell people to leave you alone.
And the day Juanito comes to me for help in getting his 100% disability with the VA, I will do the paperwork and get him the county owes him for his service in Vietnam - why?  Joshua and his message.


Anonymous said...

Joshua say to forgive and love everyone. You want to see a lot of people in jail and wish harm on them. You better read the good book again...and pay attention this time.

BobbyWC said...

First of all no one is going to jail over a misdemeanor.

Second, Joshua believed in accountability. Roman might just become a better man if he is charged.

I know a convicted drug dealer who will tail you jail was the best thing to ever happen to him.

He got out and worked for free for an abusive boss who took advantage of him - he never lost faith - he worked doing what he had to do and moved up and proved himself - he is now a regional director for a national chain.

I have noting to forgive - and you need to learn to read.

What did I say about my willingness to still help Juanito get his full disability. I hold no grudge - but I believe in accountability. I also believe in helping

You are not helping people when you make excuses for their conduct. You help them face their conduct and hopefully make them a better person

Bobby wC

/DP-M said...

Thanks for the note. I read it and am even more of the opinion that Roman Perez is not one to seek any elected office. As for Jim Barton, he should complete his apology as you ask and further apologize to you and to your readers. His readers likely have kept up with the flow of this sad tale and likely will decide to continue with him, never knowing what is so and what isn't, or, yeah, bail on him. I'll be writing more about this. Roman Perez would be wise to withdraw from the District 1 race, is what I would say at this point...

BobbyWC said...

If Jim fails to forward to me the email he received from Roman with the lies, then the police will be given access to his computer and emails - he might want to consider this - unless he fabricated the email.

It is clearly a crime - the question is how far will Barton go to cover for Roman? I can file with or without the original email - making an investigator go to his home and possibly securing his computer will not go well for him.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Bobby: Does this mean that Roman is a forger? I mean that's illegal isn't it? How can he be trusted to teach our youth? I'm crushed. I was going to vote for him, since Rick has abandoned his people for United Brownsville. I wish someone else was running. I thought Roman was more honest than Rick, but I guess I was wrong. Here we go again with the lesser of two evils. Why does this always happened, Bobby? At least you're on guard. I never would have been smart enough to doubt a signed letter. My hat is off to you. Thanks. This is soooooo important.

BobbyWC said...

I have no idea who falsified the email. It was either Barton or Roman. Unfortunately Barton appears to be taking the path of a visit from the police rather than simply forward to me what Roman sent him and then the police can make the decision.

I would be shocked if Wayland offers any position to Roman after the end of this semester. Right now I need to find out for sure where he is doing his Youth Ministry. I will send the evidence. Their lawyers will recommend his immediate removal. The various Dioceses know all too well at this point - any negative information about anyone they are allowing around the children will get them sued if anything were to happen.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Isn't there another candidate?

BobbyWC said...

Yes a Michael Gonzalez - It is my understanding that Rick Longoria and Michael Gonzalez have met and agreed on a professional and focused campaign.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Anybody on the fence should ask Morgan Gram about him. He called her and other people from the republicans to get a gay person fired from his job and they all shut him down and he told me she is going to sue him for something else and he was like crying he is so scared because when he tries to call her to her her to back down she basically laughs at him karma is a bitch and so is Roman

Anonymous said...

Funny how he suddenly gets involve with the church right before running for something