Tuesday, March 17, 2015


I am knowledge driven. When I wrote the same identical article which now appears on CNN.com the ignorant chose to attack. From CNN:

"(CNN)From the moment we are born, the first question our parents are asked is, "Is it a boy or a girl?"

The answer to that seemingly simple question quickly establishes the child's path and trajectory for years to come; however, the question is not simple. The question is tragically flawed and here's a newsflash for everyone who has ever asked new parents that question: You're asking the wrong people.
I cannot stress to the world enough, gender and sexuality are two completely different things, and the moment people incorrectly connect them is the moment when most people start looking for an exit or a fight.
See, that's the irony, I was the first person and truly the only person capable of answering the "is it a boy or girl" question -- not the doctor, my parents, or anyone who thinks they know better."
Read full article if knowledge matters to you

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