Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Before I hear the distractions from the trolls, I am blocked from posting on Cheezmeh's page.  I know how he works.  But that is not the issue.  The law as to the Internet is going to change and not for the better of Free Speech.  Even though my politics are on the true Left - not the fake U.S. American left, nothing would give me greater pleasure than helping a true Conservative set up a blog which espouses true Conservative views and values as they relate to Brownsville and Cameron county politics.  I am the first to stand for a diverse discourse on the issues.


Obsession:  ": thinking about something or someone too much or in a way that is not normal : having an obsession : showing or relating to an obsession."

In terms of the election, I wanted 20 people running for mayor because it would have meant even more people block walking educating the people of Brownsville about Tony Martinez.  In my mind that is the goal.  Also it is not merely taking Tony Martinez down, it is sending a message to all elected officials and future candidates that if we the people get mad enough, we can take you down.  The latter is the more important issue for me, independent of Tony Martinez.

I wish I could predict just the run-off in the mayoral race, but I cannot.  I will predict with 100% certainty De León, Tetreau and Longoria will win.  It would not shock me if Castro is in the run-off for mayor.  People know nothing about social media in Brownsville.  In terms of actual readership when compared to those who vote, we do not exist.  Only the BV has been honest on this issue.

My core readership are professionals and elected officials - they are the ones who seek out documents from the BV.  This is what makes the BV effective.


 Someone using the name "NoMoreCheezmeh" is targeting Erasmo Castro.  Look, anyone running for public office is subject to their entire life being put out there for review.  I have no dispute with this.  But the owner of this page is hiding his/her name behind a company called Domains By Proxy, LLC.

Click for WHOIS

Here is my problem.  This individual or group calls Erasmo a coward for not putting his history on the Internet.  But more importantly they say he is not transparent. 

I have a real hard time with someone accusing another of not being transparent when they are hiding their identity behind Domains By Proxy, LLC.

As voters how do we measure the credibility of this person or group and their agenda if we do not know who they are?  For all we know Tony Martinez is funding them.  Do we need to know this?

They say no - they say everyone but them need to be transparent. When you yourself are not transparent, and then condemn someone for not being transparent, you are a con artist.


They are claiming in short order a book on Erasmo Castro will be self published for sale on Amazon. These books rarely sell.  Amazon uploads them and puts them in book form.  You pay for them and they just email you what the author sent them, albeit reformatted to look like a book.

Think about this - does an emotionally stable person put this much energy into destroying another person who has no chance of winning an election?  Nope - If I were Erasmo, I would file a formal criminal complaint alleging fear for his life - not for the speech - I will be the first to defend every non-defamatory word.  I will be the first to defend their right to exist.


In the same way they have the right to speak - a right I will defend - when it reaches the point of a psychotic obsession every and any person running for public office needs to call for a criminal investigation.  If we are to protect our democracy, we need to make sure even the most despised candidates are protected from people who have a psychotic obsession with the candidate.


Anonymous said...

Bobby - there seems to be a rumor that all this LOOSERS running for the city election are ineligible. The city charter says this peoples have 5 days to turn in a written acceptance. I don't think anybody did this what is your take as a legal scholar.

its city charter - Section 4A (nominations) - subsection 3 - middle of paragraph.

BobbyWC said...

When i sd i needed to stop blogging because of my schedule i was telling the truth. Ive been beyond busy. I will try an research it

Anonymous said...

"If I were Erasmo, I would file a formal criminal complaint alleging fear for his life - not for the speech "
I have not seen a single post by this page threatening erasmo in anyway, and you are auggesting he file a criminal complaint. .that is downright ridiculous and absurd. No basis for that, if he doesnt like to be criticized maybe he shouldn't be on facebook doing just that to others.
There is a difference between being threatened and being criticized and questioned, a smart guy like you should know this.

BobbyWC said...

Now instead of outright misleading my readers about what I said, how about addressing what I did say- the author is obsessive.

I made it very clear Erasmo is open to a complete review of his history and that is fair game - did you not read that part? Of course you did - you just hate and chose to ignore what I really wrote.

Now just say the truth - you find nothing obsessive about someone claiming to publish a book on someone who has no chance of winning the election.

Just say the truth - you find it acceptable for the author to hide his identity and then with credibility claim Erasmo is not transparent.

I never at any time claimed anything this author was saying is false. Although I can say with 100% certainty he has published comments which are defamation per se - I did not get into that because like I said his speech is not the issue.

In fact please tell my readers troll what you think this sentence means.

"Before I hear the distractions from the trolls, I am blocked from posting on Cheezmeh's page.

I know how he works. But that is not the issue"

You are a con artist who is significantly less transparent than Eramso - at least he does not hide behind anony for his posts.

Every post made on his page - even if it is his own through a fake account is still attributed to him because he allows for it

But you are a cowardly troll because for all we know you are a Tony Martinez operative. How are my readers to take you as credible and non biased when they have no way of knowing if you are a Tony Martinez or Pat Ahumada operative?

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I completely disagree with you. In fact, it seems that you disagree with yourself as well.
"How are my readers to take you credible..." who cares who/they is, all they are doing is stating facts. You say it is defamatory, my friend, erasmo has defamed and slandered many good people, several of which i personally know very well.
You say this person is a "con artist" and less transparent than erasmo. I again disagree with you. You see this person is not running for mayor, erasmo is...this person is not asking for donations and has never in the past, erasmo is and has. Now if i recall correctly i saw a felony and theft charge on erasmo, wouldnt that make him the con artist..?
You ask if i find it obsessive for someone to post on erasmo, my answer is no. You do not know what erasmo has done or did to this/these individuals in the past. They make it clear that the goal is to stand up and raise awareness on erasmo; who he really is and why he is unqualified to run and be mayor. I'll tell you what i do find sick and obsessive, someone who is on the internet 24/7 posting bullshit and at times harassing people. And you are wrond again! Erasmo is know to hide behind his anony and "sent in" obviously have no idea how erasmo works do you? Remember the elections will be over in a few weeks, but erasmo will continue being in front of the compiter day in and day out..i find that more obsessive than someone trying to state facts and possibly be gettingback for something erasmo mightve done to him/her.
My question is why would you even care about the author of a page being "obsessive"!
Whats in it to you, dont you have better things to do, arent you "beyond busy", werent you going to retire...and NO i do not chose to hate i just say it how it is and if you dont like it dont publish it like you did with my other comment, it is not my intention to "mislead" your readers =)

BobbyWC said...

there is no reality to your post - none - you are so obsessed you cannot read and comprehend simple English.

So according to you, I have been blocked by Erasmo and have no idea how he works - do you know how stupid you sound.

I defy you to show wherein I have challenged the truthfulness of anything posted - it has not happened - well beyond the obsessive view you have - I did say there is a defamation per se comment - but I did not disclose what it was - I am not going to help anyone along on this.

You say the poster is not running for office - how do we know that? How do we know the poster is not an operative of one of the campaigns? Oh I get it, we should just take your word for it.

Lovely of you to say - just take my word on this one - from another non-transparent anony.

And I am busy - very busy - compounding it I am scheduled for 2 surgeries - But, I am also concerned with all of the proposed legislation which will regulate social media because of pages like this.

The publisher is claiming to want to educate the people - I am proud to post my name to my work. If the publisher's intent is so pure, why not just say who he/she is so we know they are not an operative of one of the campaigns?

And for the record - since you cannot read and comprehend English - I conceded he has fake accounts - I get it - but I also get the danger in campaign operatives setting up pages to destroy other candidates - we the people need to have confidence in the information - you seem to not understand this.

I wanted out - but I was forced back in against my will - so now I am here and I am going to end the BISD mess, Juanito and those who pay him and try my best to promote Brownsville where things are right - like my post this morning of County Judge Sepulveda.

Today I am waiting for the phone call my brother has past - I am cool with that - I want the phone call - he is in horrible pain which cannot be controlled.

But you know what I cannot go to him because they have me buried in paperwork which has to be done now - it is a good 5 hours work - I am trying to save as much of his money as possible so my sister in law can live like a queen - she attends to him 24/7 at the nursing home and she deserves every penny.

I want to go - but I am on endless hold for these surgeries - multiple appointments every week. Yesterday was 4 hours of testing to help guide the surgeon on one of the surgeries.

But I was forced back and will stay at this until I can no longer keep up. BISD is going down - Saenz and Gus Garza will be indicted - and Juanito and his endless extortion schemes will land him in jail - of these things I am certain - I am more focused now than ever before.

I wanted out and I was forced back - the next time I shut down there will be no Juanito to force me back - he will be in prison - of this I am certain

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

It is "these LOSERS" , not " this LOOSERS",
(" LOOSERS" is not a word but rather a misspelling of a word, any semi-literate English speaking person would know this as they would also the difference
in the usage of the words "this" and "these") , BUT IN YOUR
CASE IT IS "LOOSER" because you don't know the difference. You seem to have
a few screws "loose". This " LOOSERS" theme is a common thread on that page
that is repeated over and over. Also the page claims Erasmo prays upon people. PRAYS? YOU MEAN " PRAYS" LIKE A PRIEST? OR DO YOU
MEAN "PREYS" as in take advantage of?
If the admin of the page would bother to learn proper English, then the
page might have some credibility, but for now, it seems a bit on the looney tunes
side of reality along with the half witted comments from its followers. Even
together, the sum total of people from that hate page are
are still a few fries short of a "Happy Meal"! Please go out and read a book or
two or maybe three or more and then come back engage is an educated
dialouge. One more thing, it is "computer", not "cimputer", but I concede that just
might have been a typo or not. Have a great day! Keep the comments coming!
At least "this LOOSERS" are trying to do something with regards to improving the city which begins with ousting the current mayor. What are you doing? Using the WiFi at McDonalds?

BobbyWC said...

"Using the WiFi at McDonalds?" LOL - the comment or the wine - who knows

dinner was good - I love a nice red wine with a great steak.

The comments on the stats make it appear maybe a Laura is behind the page - but you would have to be one psychotic person to spend that much time counting five years of posts - I mean psychotic big time

Also, in my opinion Erasmo has a lot easier case to get the police involved now that this nonsense had led to vandalism of his signs. Either the police or the DA can get the Proxy company to disclose the name of the owner so they can be interviewed. I am certain it would lead to a 72 hour commitment. They may never tell Erasmo who it is, but they can certainly warn them that their conduct has led to vandalism

Bobby WC

and No, i do not chose to hate, well then, what do you call it? said...

and NO i do not chose to hate,
"i do not chose to hate"?
rather it should be stated,
" and NO, I do not 'choose' to hate ..."
Looser, loser, chose, choose, get it right.
You should start your own blog, oh I
forgot, you did and it tanked.
Ivy League class at its finest.