Monday, March 30, 2015


Gerardo Martinez may be the most qualified candidate for the At Large Position.  I do not know.  The ad is nothing but trite typical bullshit con artist politician nonsense.  Yes, Gerardo, if you believe in economic development it must be your opponents do not. 

When you start your campaign with a con artist ad which tells me nothing except the same old trite BS everyone numb-nut politico before you has already said, you are telling me you have nothing.

The center issue in this campaign is Tony Martinez's management style -Not a word.  Lincoln Park - not a word.  Tenaska - not a word.  The weir dam - not a word.

How does this guy intend to bring about the economic development every politico before him has failed to deliver on - not a word.

When a politician says in an ad he will make Brownsville one of the top 10 business friendly communities in U.S., if you do not know you are dealing with a con artist, then all I can say is - you are the problem.  This is the same type BS promise William Garza is giving you - to lower your taxes while increasing spending - it cannot happen. 

I tried to ask him questions - but the blog for questions he set up on his web page either does not work, or requires a PhD in engineering to understand how to use it.  If as a graduate of MIT he cannot get his own web page working, how will he ever get the city of Brownsville working?


Anonymous said...

For someone that said he would not trash candidates, you certainly are. What has Cesar De Leon said about economic development, wier, etc.? You are the bullshit con artist.

BobbyWC said...

First of all I have published two interviews with Cesar de Leon - so you are the BS artist - I covered the good the bad and the ugly. I was very clear there is no effective means to communicate with him - did you interpret this as a positive?

But I also reported that during the two times I did interview him he answered all my questions - there was no, "no comment," or "I only communicate through press releases."

When I covered Michael Gonzalez on his no comment policy, where were you defending him?

You sound like Gerardo crying like a baby because I reported the truth about his ad.

Now how about telling how my coverage of his ad is wrong - you cannot - because it is spot on.

And for the record - Cesar had no problem telling me, he was not with Ben Neece, he was against selling Lincoln Park - and he is tired of Tony Martinez - I reported all of this, among many other things

Just stop your crying Gerardo and answer the questions - oh that is right - Tony Martinez will not let go of your gonads long enough for you to say anything of substance

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Looks like Gerardo is just a puppet. Right of the bat he wants to impress with his MIT degree. Big election fail. Answer the questions like Bobby states and don't lie to the citizens of Brownsville with your ad. We don't need more of the same.

Anonymous said...

A political ad for Cesar De Leon was posted in the Brownsville Blues this afternoon (9:49 p.m., 3/30/2015). Why would he turn to a pornographer according to you for support when you are supporting him in his campaign? Unbelievable.