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I need a voluntary guardianship petition.  For reasons I cannot explain, lawyers are telling their clients they do not have to accept the Texas Statutory Power of Attorney.  I have full legal authority over my brother.  His wife's daughter has the same for her.  We both can access the banking account and watch one another.  We spend under $200 a month to maintain the house until it is sold. I have increased their assets by over $30,000 since October.  I forced TRICARE to pay 100% of the nursing home costs.  No judge will look at my work and question my judgment. 

The probate judge asked I file a voluntary petition and he will grant it assuming everything is in order and the accounts show what I am saying.

If anyone has one of these please email me -  I can file it on Friday.

I am already running nearly two hours late for my trip to East Texas.  I need prayers that God helps those who can help see the errors of their ways.

This is not the post I wanted today but a quick note for a job well done - Dr. Zendejas actually called me yesterday to inform me a principal had been ordered to move a child who was being bullied.  Bela had stopped going to school.  She would cry horribly rather than get on the bus.  The principal called security and had security stand next to her grandfather - who in Bela's eyes is her protector.  Bela was terrified and started to cry.  The mother had given the grandfather permission to speak  for her and the principal said no, he would only hear it from the mother.

That ended it after the principal refused to move Bela to a new class.  The AA took my call and told me to have the grandfather to reenter the school and someone would be waiting to escort Bela to her new classroom.  They moved fast.  He reentered the building and was told the new teacher was at lunch and recommended taking Bela to McDonalds.

When they got back Bela was carried by her grandfather to the new classroom.  She just went off to be with the other children.  This is Bela.  Her other teacher and principal refused to address the bullying so Bela feared  them.  She told the principal she was not going to come back to school. Later in the afternoon Bela told us she likes her new teacher.

Once the AA got on top of it Bela had a new teacher and told her mother and grandfather they could leave because she felt safe.

Dr. Zendejas personally called me to say a full investigation will be conducted and that the calling of the security guard was unacceptable.  It left Bela crying in fear.  The principal has a history with the grandfather which goes back to high school and the grandfather standing up for his kids in the past.

I do not want to hear it - I report the good, the bad, and the ugly - this is Dr. Zendejas doing her job and I am going to report it.


He has been deemed a critical care patient.  Based on my demands he had a new brain MRI.  His brain is completely covered in tumors.  The neglect at the nursing home is bizarre.  After I tried to move him, and they tried to stop me by intimidating my sister in law to say all of the complaints were false, their lawyer called to tell me to get him out of his client's nursing home.  Yea, that was a stupid move.

Because of his designation of critical care and whatever the other nursing home is telling people no one will take him.  The VA Houston Chief of Staff refuses to even consider allowing me to transport my brother to Houston for care and placement in a critical care nursing home.  Money is not an issue - I offered to pay all expenses.  The local VA clinic told me because he was on TRICARE they would not help. 

I have done a full press release to the news media in Houston with documents, which is why I am running late.

I need prayers that the press will take the story and the VA officials will find it in their heart to help him.  I have no where to put him.  He cannot be moved without sedation because of the pain.

I have failed him and deserve my pain, but he served honorably for 25 years, two tours in Vietnam. He is service connected only 10% for his condition which the VA found was aggravated by Agent Orange.  The local county veteran representative took every request he did for an increase in his disability rating and placed it in a file and never filed any of them.  I found them in October and put in the claim - not for the money - he does not need it - but for the 24/7 aide a critical patient needs.

I am off - I have no idea what is next.  A secretary at he VA Houston, a Ms. Davis told me until she is satisfied every doctor who has treated my brother has sent his medical records she will not even notify the Chief of Staff or Chief Neurologist - Bruce Ehni - btw he is an expert in the area of medicine.  So my brother sits dying in pain ready to be moved out of a nursing home which says they do not have the resources to care for him.  No one will take him.

So prayers that God gets someone anyone at the VA to help.


Bobby WC

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