Thursday, February 19, 2015


For years the residents running Palm Resaca have been trying to change the status of the other residents from owners to members.  It was learned some time ago the land on a beautiful Resaca is worth millions. 

Of late they intimidateD many seniors to change their stock from no par - meaning no set value - to $6,200.  The Articles of Incorporation remain as originally filed - no par.

But this is how it works - if the park is sold the shareholders whose stocks now say $6,200 would get $6,200, and those who knew what was going on could easily get up to $60,000 for their no par share.

After yesterday's post the Park manager in a special meeting informed the residents that in fact they have received 4 offers to buy the Park.  The residents are up in arms.

To anyone who has a stock which was changed from a no par to $6,200 you need to hire counsel.  You need to file an immediate complaint with the SEC, and they will forward to the Texas AG for investigation.

The first major step is to send Pat Pratt and her trained monkeys packing by voting no on  the by-law changes.  To everyone running for the Board - see an attorney - your failure to distance yourself from Pat Pratt and her nominating committee will cost you more than you can imagine.  You need to withdraw your name or face the consequences


I am happy to close with this post.  There are a lot of WWII, Korean and Vietnam veterans at Palm Resaca.  I believe based on what I am learning from a large number of residents they are finally willing to stand up to these bullies.  They just wanted to be left alone to live their life in peace - but no - for years it has been one battle after another of the Board trying to make the Park a little Canada while running rough-shod over the rights of the other residents.


For a long time, I kept the BV going until Healthsmart settled.  Well it has settled, but Healthsmart is in financial ruin so the exact terms of payments are still being worked out.  I held for years while being subjected to endless defamation by Presas-Garcia and Luci Longoria through their paid drunk Juanito.  In the end BISD may only get about $3 million.  But to the teachers - $3 million in extra school supplies in meaningful.  Cata Presas-Garcia paid Juanito to claim the entire lawsuit was nothing more than a way for the attorneys to get rich.  What else could she say - she worked with Healthsmart to defraud BISD out of millions.

I have so many files on my desk which need processing.  The evidence of corruption at the DA's office, the city and BISD continue to come in.  I cannot do both - processing the criminal complaints and working the BV. 

I am basically happy to see the city might have a new direction come May.  While César de León is a bit young and new to the process, I see him as a good policy wonk who can lead Jessica and Rick on policy for the city, while helping them move their districts forward.  The three seem to like one another.  For me the At large Commissioner needs to be a policy wonk and the district commissioners need to be attentive to their districts.  I think the three will complement one another in a positive way.

Yesterday while mowing - after about 10 minutes I dropped.  My BP hit 210/102.  The problem is fatty infiltration of the lungs which causes shortness of breath upon exertion.  I took an extra dose of BP medicine and an 81 mg aspirin as a precaution.  I got in bed and all was well.

I have access to every governmental agency which is part of Brownsville. The insiders will continue to bring me information and I will continue to guide them.  I have not written about everything which is happening. 

It is time to move forward.  I have turned down too many full time lecturer positions in American Government at both universities and community colleges.  I have an offer I want.  After yesterday, and a personal matter which has nothing to do with Brownsville, I decided to take the job if I can sell the house.  I have a year.  I need to attend to my health.  I need to finish helping the people who are waiting on me.  I will then try and sell the house.  My heart is in teaching.  It is not an option in Brownsville.  Universities and community colleges around the state and in fact country look at my resume and offer me a job.  Because of the petty vindictive politics of Brownsville I am not qualified.

It's been a nice ride.


Brownsville needs to harness its natural resources to move forward.  It needs to dismiss the endless conspiracy theorists who claim every deal has a kick back.

Leave the blogs people - they exist to distract you from the truth.  Only the BV has used the promotion of Brownsville as its logo.

A week from Friday I will lock out readers.  Then in one year I will delete the blog.

To the sources who continue to give me information thanks.  I am still here.  Keep it coming and I will guide you.  But for now, my health and moving forward to teach must be my priority.

Believe in  Brownsville and Brownsville will move forward.  Brownsville has incredible potential - believe in Brownsville - ignore the conspiracy theorists who are paid to distract you from the truth.

If you walk away from the blogs, you will be helping Brownsville.


Anonymous said...

Bobby, thank you for your services to the Brownsville Community for the past years. The BV is like the local newspaper that Brownsville never had. Best wishes to you! BV will missed.

Anonymous said...

Take care of yourself! You will be missed.

Anonymous said...

I will miss the truth being told. No one else seems capable or willing. Thanks. And please, stay, if you feel so lead.

Anonymous said...

Bobby thanks for everything.
I was a resident of Cameron County for a short time and actually worked for that pillar of the community Armando Villalobos for a very, very short time which was much too long.
Always kept up with the news through your blog, and hope to return down there even though the local government sucks so much, but don't they all?
Best of luck in your future.

Anonymous said...

Thank you. Blogs are just blogs, sometimes slipping into the realm of delusions of power and influence, sometimes sliding into yellow-journalism, or sometimes just becoming porn-laden cries for attention. However, your passion for reason and truth kept me coming back to BV. That and the fact you didn't publish bullshit annoy comments.
I don't believe in miracles, but I do believe what Ralph Waldo Emerson said: "Beware when the great God lets loose a thinker on this planet." You are a thinker.

Anonymous said...

You exemplify the best traditions our nation represents, that sense of fairplay, justice, and egalitarian principles that the framers of the constitution strived to attain. You have taught us many lessons while using the 1st amendment as a shield not a sword. Now it is time for others to step up and be counted. God bless you always.