Friday, February 27, 2015


When it looked like Tony Martinez was going to dump Cabler two years ago, I made it a big issue that Tony's candidates needed to be sent packing.  There is a danger in a City Manager allowing a bad mayor to run the show.  And this is exactly what Charlie Cabler did to keep his job.  There must be consequences.

BUT LET ME SAY:  I met Charlie once at the Houston airport.  We were both on the last fight of the day.  He and his son were very pleasant to speak with.  They were basically just all around nice people.  I also spoke with him once on the phone.  We discussed this issue of the truancy courts moving over to the city, and a lie Juanito had put out about a good city employee claiming she someone how illegally took a picture of Carlos Elizondo.  Charlie appreciated me sticking up for the employee.  Juanito had to retract his story.

Good people need to learn to hold their ground against the Tony Martinez's of the world.  I do not think Charlie Cabler is a bad man - he is very personable and easy going.  I get people have to do what they have to do to protect their family by protecting their job.  That fine line of when you say no and chance losing your job versus, and going along is a line nearly impossible to identify at times.  But when you sit back and say nothing in the face of illegal conduct - you have crossed that line.


After Ben Neece was arrested on charges of assault and possession of marijuana, the city was within its right under Texas law to impose random drug testing. They now had reasonable suspicion.  This is what the law requires.  As is the case in Cameron County the political machines went into overtime and came up with the excuse there was no evidence.

From Ben Neece's mouth

"Neece told deputies he slapped his wife and pushed her with his feet and she stabbed him with a kitchen knife while at their home, according to reports. He later told investigators they had both been drinking until 3 a.m. that same morning.

When deputies arrived at the Neece home they reportedly found 7.8 grams of marijuana on a bed, according to authorities. Neece later told investigators the marijuana was his, Reyna said."

If you believe under these circumstance you and I would have walked you are nuts.

Charlie Cabler decided wife beating and possession of marijuana by the Chief Municipal judge is AOK - Sorry Charlie it is not - it sent a message to the children of Brownsville that beating women and smoking pot is AOK.


Abraham Galonsky was allowed in executive session to negotiate the Casa del Nylon deal.  It was only after the deal was closed the truth came out.  It was as the deal was closing that a commissioner asked me about the ethics of Tony Martinez's partner Horacio Becerra being part of the negotiations.  It was all illegal - where was Charlie Cabler?  Silent to protect his job from the wrath of Tony Martinez.

Abraham Galonsky was part of the lie that he owned the El Cid building.  He was in executive session in violation of the law negotiating for the sale of a building which belonged to his daughter Nurith Galonsky.  Nurith by law was prohibited from negotiating a deal with the city.

While it is true during the final executive session Charlie Cabler informed the commissioners of the truth claiming ignorance until that moment, he still failed to act as a city manager to protect our interests.

Charlie Cabler does not work for Tony Martinez.  He should have called a press conference and told the people the truth.  At that moment Tony would have lost the 4 votes needed to fire him.  But Charlie played it safe and allowed us to be screwed again, while the law was blatantly being ignored.

Sorry Charlie - while at a personal level you and your son seem to be very nice and likeable people - the people's business comes first.  I do not expect absolute compliance with the law, when we all know Tony Martinez would have fired you for the slightest dissent, but the Galonsky mess crossed the line.  On that one you should have called a press conference.

By all accounts Tony will be a lame duck mayor if he wins.  It is  time the truth comes out and Tony is sent packing.

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