Friday, February 6, 2015


I will get the pics uploaded in a minute. The claim BISD had no choice but to pay the 3 million plus for insurance to a company the Board rejected is totally without merit.

Carl Montoya, Carlos Elizondo, Cesar Lopez, and Jose Chirinos were all sent an offer of interim coverage for BISD until they had time to find a company they were comfortable doing business with.

The BV has no place for Sacred cows,  An excuse from the four they never opened their email is not acceptable.  The three trustees are on the insurance committee - they better damn make sure they are checking their emails.

Here is the actual interim bid offer referenced in the below email


From: Greg Klement
Sent: Thursday, January 22, 2015 1:55 PM
To: ''; ''; ''
Cc: ''
Subject: CSP 15-081 & 90 Day Firm Quote on Property 1/31/2015 - 5/1/2015
Please see enclosed documents and let me know if you have any questions.  The board requested an extension from McGriff and was told there was no way to make that happen.
The Klement Agency advised we could make it happen and we have.   Enclosed please see find your quotation for property insurance excluding windstorm.   We can add the windstorm, but need the agent of record attached signed.
The markets were approached by McGriff November 10, 2014, about 30 days ahead of the bid date.
Greg Klement
The Klement Agency

Click for Key Letter showing how it was Baltazar Salazar who brought to the Board's attention that McGriff was acting like an illegal monopoly.  So why is Cata pretending to not know this and is blaming Baltazar Salazar?  Guys, it is a distraction away from Cata and Otis.  Remember yesterday when Juanito said Otis would never be party to such a thing and now it is on Minerva Peña.  The check was issued and signed off on when Otis was still the Board President.

They need to blame Baltazar Salazar as a distraction and as punishment for not going along with Otis and Cata.

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If the new majority will not do this, then they need to resign so we can have Trustees who will do their job.


Anonymous said...

Yes they are all about the children. Bola de mamones--todos!

Anonymous said...

Their is software that can be used to determine if said e-mails were opened. But i guess they would never allow a cybersecurity firm to check their email system.


Anonymous said...

If in fact is true their Insurance would have expired on Jan 31, as Lucio Mendoza says on the letter to Dr Montoya, we ALL know there are 30 days grace period, so what was the RUSH?
Furthermore, Otis was still president during this singnature......helloooooo!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Why did Carl Montoya sign off on this. Was it Otis Powers directing him to pay insurance. This morning Otis Powers was seen going into the BISD Building. Otis Powers was seen going into Carl Montoya's office. What is Otis Powers up to and why does Carl Montoya look so afraid around the main office. Was he a part of an underhanded deal?

BobbyWC said...

Maybe the trustees put Carl Montoya on an agenda for a special meeting to fire him.

I am trying to learn the process - does a trustee have to sign off on the payment. I am hard pressed to believe that a check was issue - it had to have been an authorization for an electronic transfer. But still someone had to authorize the electronic transfer.

I think they both know they are done for.

But the new majority may also be done for - it is not for them to get in the middle of personality conflicts based on friendships with different Administrators.

The interim super needs to be told in no uncertain terms the board is unhappy with Rita Hernandez and Luis Segura. The evidence of their respective incompetence is documented. So it is not a he said she said between two administrators.

Special needs children have suffered terribly under Rita Hernandez and Luis Segura and any trustee willing to protect them needs to resign.

They have to go - but I have now gotten several emails from people saying a certain Trustee is protecting them and will go down with the ship if need be to protect them.

Well if I can prove this I will be the first to puncture the hole in that boat.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

How have the special needs children suffered terribly under Rita Hernandez? Don't they have an Area Superintendent (Dr. Atkinson) and a Special Services Administrator (Dr. Miller) whose job is to ensure that all children with disabilities receive a free appropriate education in the least restrictive environment? Please be specific of your statement regarding Rita Hernandez and advise your readers how they can address such failure of public service to Dr. Atkinson and Dr. Miller. Perhaps, those two should also be resign for failure to do their jobs.

BobbyWC said...

The system is designed for failure - the principals respond to the regular area supers. The Area Supers are aware of the complaints and do nothing.

There is more focus on cheer leadings and motivating the kids with events than there is on making education a reality of special needs kids.

The parents are not the experts - kids who cannot handle large classrooms are forced into large classrooms.

I have been to ARDs at both Pace and Stell wherein the folder teachers had no idea of the child's medical needs.

You complaint and nothing is done.

How many Due Process complaints should be Area Super be made aware of before they say enough is enough and time to switch principals.

Good luck complaining to the Board - they know Montoya will not act so they just let it go.

So the district keeps on getting sued.

Bobby WC

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

You are only as good as your leader. In today's day in age the incompetent are falling by the wayside. BISD has a serious high dollar budget, there is no room for incompetence!

Anonymous said...

The more I read about what is happening the sadder I get. I assume TEA has gotten your data about BISD and yet refuses to do anything. The FBI is being ultra careful. Have you tried the Texas Rangers? Or would that be a total fail?

BobbyWC said...

Two issues, I was told today that both Chirinos and Lopes took the email concerning the interim offer of insurance to Carl Montoya and he did nothing.

As to the Texas Rangers - they are a complete waste of taxpayer money -= they are more of a myth for tourist than a real law enforcement agency

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Bobby, so this CFO is spending 3Million, yet he cancels purchase orders that are critical to the functioning of the District, like toilet paper and soap. Penny pincher, Dollar foolish (in this case 3Mill). Someone should inquire all of his Travel throughout the whole year and see where he's been at and meeting. Also, where is the BISD Internal Auditor in all this? Where is the Finance Nazi Director who scrutinizes every single PO down to the last half-penny. The Nazi Finance Director is his right-hand and looks the other way with a $3MIL contract, non-bisd board approved? What a bunch of baloney. Policy and Law are never the norm in BISD. I know State Policy Law and this is boggus.

BobbyWC said...

I am disappointed that the discharge of Mendoza and Montoya are not on an emergency Tuesday next agenda. The information I am looking at is, counsel is putting together a package to justify the discharge of both.

They are getting their eggs lined up so to speak.

But with every day that goes by the new majority loses credibility.

My source is convinced Montoya will resign before he allows his discharge to be put on the agenda.

Here is the issue where the Trustees may be played - BISD can buy from some pool without board approval - two problems - they went to the board and the board expressly said no based on Baltazar Salazar's representation that McGriff was acting as a monopoly -

Second another insurance company expressly offered BISD interim coverage and Montoya refused to act.

So in my opinion there is no defense

But I can see Montoya threatening to sue because they bought from a pool -= no Otis Powers had a duty to call a special meeting to approve the interim insurance offer

Otis Powers chose to play this game along with Montoya

I will go after this new board if they do not fire Montoya soon.

But that is not enough - I want the board to authorize Baltazar Salazar to send all relevant documents to the FBI on the insurance deal and the contract extension in exchange for travel expenses for Presas-Garcia.

If the request comes from the BISD Board the FBI will jump fast.

The only reason they have to not asked for help is one of the four have something to hide.

Bobby WC