Sunday, February 1, 2015



The owner's attorney contacted me and told me a policy of demanding an ID will be instituted.  It is my understanding I will try and work through the attorney to ID the thief if possible.  I will give him a few days before going to the police.  If there is any chance of IDing the thief I want to prefer charges.  This has to end.  I get it - the little guy needs the business so they chance a fraudulent purchase - all the more reason to prosecute the person who used my card.  It might send a message, and in the end help the small business owner.

For the record, most judges, well known attorneys, and elected officials have my phone number and email.  They all know I am 100% accessible at any time to help them get their side of any story out there.  The problem is, I tend to ask questions they do not want to answer.

To add a note, and this is by no means an endorsement - Carlos Masso has never refused my calls.  He may not like the questions - but at least he accepts my calls.  He seems to be old guard in that we can talk and then move on - no hard feelings.  But again this is not an endorsement.  It is a statement of reality. 

About two weeks ago I was way too tired to cook so on my way home I ordered a Dominos pizza.  It had been maybe 6 months or longer since I had pizza.  Sometime during this period they started the Lopez policy of demanding to see an ID before they will accept your credit card.  The cashier told me they were getting a lot of fraudulent charges on lost or stolen cards.

I told her I was fine.  I have no problem with the cashier at Lopez asking me for my ID.  The one I hate most is self checkout,  While I use it, anyone can use a stolen or lost credit card without any proof of ownership. 

Well someone went into this place and made three charges totaling $20.91.  It happened yesterday.  The last time I used my debit card was on Friday.  I did not notice it missing until today when I saw these charges on my account.

I check my accounts for fraudulent charges every day.

My bank has reversed the charges.  I am out nothing.  I will speak with the owner on Monday.  Depending on how that goes, I will file a criminal complaint.  It is probably just a class C misdemeanor, but my greater goal is to force the owner to start demanding ID's before they accept credit or debit cards. [correction - I assumed based on the amount it is a class C, but I looked it up and it is a state jail felony, regardless of the amount.]

The criminal is not the owner - it is whom ever used the card.  But the owner will have to face the police and explain why he is allowing people to use stolen cards.  Hopefully he will get the message and start demanding ID's before accepting credit or debit cards. 

Debit cards do not required the pin number.  They can be used as a credit card.  Any further charges by whomever is using it will signal the vendor the card is stolen and the charge is being rejected.  Hopefully at that point, the vendor will call the police.

Guys, stop complaining when a vendor asks to see your ID - it is for your protection.

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