Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Tattoos are not for everyone. George was done about 2 weeks after 9/11.  Curious George was done two years ago.  His face is blurred in the pic.  The bear is my favorite for the detail.  I think he is maybe 6-7 years old.
I have all mine done in NY.  For my birthday I expect to get an 1800's strong man on my right calf.  This is not something you just allow anyone to do.  My niece's husband has been doing them for the family for about 20 years.  His shop in NY is spotless.  He changes gloves every time he changes color or needles.  All needles are in serial numbered bags which are tracked by the state during inspections. 
In Brownsville, I know of people who in order to save money who have used fly by night people.  It is very dangerous.  Hep-C is very real. 
The pain is a mild heat.  Some parts of the body are subject to more pain than others.  I have never felt more than a very mild heat.

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