Friday, February 13, 2015


Hey Roman, I hear Rick Longoria gets $250 an hour to write Spanish copy.

Some people with Hispanic names adopt the Anglo spelling - I'm fine with that.  But Román Pérez, cannot decide if he wants the Anglo spelling or the Hispanic spelling - it's all part of the con job of running the campaign in Spanish.

Further it is cambiará not cambiara.  If he does not even know how to spell his own name in Spanish, why is he running his campaign in Spanish?


BobbyWC said...

I am not going to allow for comments which serve no purpose other than to create a distraction.

And since you are not even smart enough to google the definition of con job - her is one which fits

Are you saying he is not persuading by deception by claiming to speak Spanish, when he does not even know how to spell his own name?

"an act or instance of duping, swindling, or persuading by deception."

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Some of us hispanics are more fluent in Spanish than others, but regardless what a person's level of fluency is in one language or the other, I respect someone who genuinely wants to make
a positive difference in his or her
community and I believe Roman's intentions for
seeking public office are genuine.

Anonymous said...

Roman goes by Roman without the accent. He did the same thing last time. The way he says his name he goes by it without the accent. Perez is always with the the accent. Not a big deal Bobby.

Anonymous said...

"Are you saying he is not persuading by deception by claiming to speak Spanish, when he does not even know how to spell his own name?"

In your world he is persuading by deception; however, in the real world he is just a young man learning how to seek a political office. In your world every individual is full of corruption and deception. There are good people in Brownsville and all they need is an opportunity to be able to serve their community.

BobbyWC said...

Look how fast Valley Interfaith went on line to make sure they were not endorsing him - now it is true it was a legal issue for them

But I know people in Valley Interfaith and they are unhappy with him.

He has not changed.

And of course anyone has a right to spell their name anyway they want.

But when you run as a candidate you need to be thick skin enough to deal with your mistakes - Roman is not -

It is sloppy to mix the spelling of your name in two languages.

It sends a message that he is trying to say he can speak the language when he cannot.

The ad was a mistake - why he would not have sent it to someone he knew for sure spoke Spanish speaks to his sloppiness and arrogance.

This is not Roman's first rodeo - every elected official I have interviewed this campaign dislike him deeply - he has no chance of working with anyone on the city commission - not a one will give him the time of day because he is known to everyone as not trustworthy.

His character trait came through in his ad.

Rather than let it go like any thick skinned person, he went for distractions.

And no, the BV has made clear not everyone is evil and bad. The BV does not promote the jaded card like the other blogs.

Roman and no one else chose to associate himself with the nickname of vendetta - it speaks to who he is.

Refusing to denounce Barton for the deceptive post about Longoria trashing Southmost is Roman at his best - which means - not good.

But I know Roman he will say this time around what he said last time around - he is too important to read the social media coverage so he had no idea. Really? So where did Barton get the copy of his draft ad?

People know Roman and because they know him, he will not win.

A smart person would have let my post go - but Roman is too thinned skin.

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

Roman proved in his response to my post he is many things, but not a leader. You know what a leaders does? He says "I should have had it reviewed before releasing it. I will not make the mistake again." But Roman does not have the leadership instinct which is why he chose distraction to my post instead of saying he will fix it.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

If I call Roman a Putz, does that sum it up?

Anonymous said...

How someone chooses to spell their name is a very personal thing, especially when it comes to the special characters that go with other languages and how much of the 'old country' spelling they keep. I don't think there's anything sloppy about it.

However, the issue with the Spanish slogan does seem intriguing. I thought he was a Tea Party Republican and didn't think that'd be something them "patriotic" folks would do.

Then again, Roman does seem to like to take on personas. Maybe he figures eventually one of them is gonna win.

BobbyWC said...

Your comment on the Tea Party defined the essense if Roman. Bit on the name you are incorrect. He also mispelled thw other word. He simply does not know the language. For the record I respect candidates who speak any number of languages even in a very broken way. It shows a respect for the diverse groups. It is the deception of an ad especially from a Teabagger like Roman

Anonymous said...

"Are you saying he is not persuading by deception by claiming to speak Spanish, when he does not even know how to spell his own name?

Posted by BobbyWC

Perhaps he is not the only one that does not know how to spell his own name. Roberto or BobbyWC?

BobbyWC said...

You're making a fool of yourself. My legal name is robert richard wightman-cervantes. I find it very pretentious so i go with bobby wc as a nick name.

Keep on digging his hole

Bobby wc

BobbyWC said...

Note in Spanish it is Héctor González. But most people in the US just drop both accents .

You will note he does not use the accent over the e in Perez and lies about being a professor. He is an adjunct instructor - Roman will never change. He is of bad character.

He tried to walk away from his pathetic tea bag views and lie to the people of southmost with the Pérez.

Roman is not even on the same planet as a professor.

He is a minimum wage adjunct part time instructor.

He is teaching the Youth that lying about your job title is good and moral.

Moral is never a word anyone who knows Roman associates with him.

If Roman said he is a man, I would demand genetic testing. If the tests came back male, I would demand an investigation of the lab.

Roman is a weasel and will always be a weasel

Do you want to keep this going?

I go more on the truth of the weasel

Bobby WC