Saturday, February 14, 2015


After my post yesterday, what a leader would have done, meaning not Roman "the weasel" Perez, is let it go and correct the problem.  Roman cannot conceive of himself as anything but a savior.  For the parents who allow their children to be guided by this con artist - get full projective psychiatric testing - you might learn something about yourself.

Roman's campaign in Spanish is 100% a con job and as a reader pointed out just another reinvention of his many personalities.

Roman does not know Spanish.  I am cool with that.  I actually have a lot of respect for candidates who will try and learn some of another language to welcome the new voters to the process who may still be learning English.  For me these type candidates understand Being an American. 

But for Roman to lie about knowing Spanish, then make excuses that he chooses to mix the Spanish and Anglo spelling of his name and chooses to misspell cambiará, is par for the course.  The weasel has no moral  compass. 

Before I finish my comments on the Spanish issue, Roman is many things, but a professor is not one of them.  No community college or university system will award you the title of professor based on 18 graduate hours in history.

Roman is a minimum wage adjunct instructor/lecturer of history -  that is it.  The studies which have been done show adjuncts in these type private Christian schools and community colleges who are doing their job properly are basically earning minimum wage.  It's not three hours a week per course.  It is lecture, research to prepare your lecture, test and quiz writing, grading, and meeting with the students. 

You have to work for years studying, and publishing to earn the title professor - but the weasel Roman Perez, just steals the title because he has no moral compass.

Barton wrongfully raised a stink over Escobedo using the title Dr.  Protocol allows anyone with a doctorate in any subject including moronism, to claim the title Dr.  But only a university can confer upon you the title of professor, and no university has conferred that title upon Roman Perez - he has stolen it as the fraud he is.

So why is Barton so silent and blocking all negative comments against Roman which seek to speak the truth about the weasel? They can come at me all they want.  I am not asking for anyone's vote or money or promising anything to the people if elected.

Click for list of academic staff at Wayland- The titles range from professor, associate professor, assistant professor to lecturer.  No adjuncts are listed, which means Roman Perez is not listed.

Click for job listings at Wayland - listed as Adjunct Lecturer not professor


Here is he Twitter account - and please Roman do not make it worse with another lie - do I need to post you campaign forms?

Roman Perez


    History Professor. Catholic. Youth Minister. Eucharist Minister. Tweets politics, history, religion & sports. US Soccer fan. RT ≠ endorsements. From .
Anyone who knows me knows my home is an All American Home - which means it reflects the complete diversity of my heritage - English, Spanish, Nicaraguan, and the indigenous tribe of Nicaragua. [my grandmother's maternal father was indigenous - my mother's father, while born on the boat in 1875, was from Spain] This is also seen in the diet,  pottery, language, and general décor of my home.
“... said Roman Perez, the vice president of the Republican Club of Brownsville.
But Perez cautioned too much could be made of a person’s cultural heritage.
“It’s not about a Hispanic last name, having brown skin, it’s about ideas,” he said. “Just because they’re not Hispanic doesn’t mean they’re not listening.”
Maybe he is disconnected from his heritage because he never learned Spanish.
It is not just the misspelling in his name while mixing the Anglo and Spanish spellings, it is the misspelling of cambiará.
In this election some candidates are choosing the Anglo spelling, Mike Gonzalez, and some are choosing the Spanish spelling - César de Léon.  Only Roman Perez who has publicly run from his heritage as a Teabagger is mixing the two languages, misspelling simple words in Spanish, and now all of a sudden running a campaign in Spanish.
Never try and speak Spanglish while with Rick Longoria also there because you will come across as ignorant of Spanish.
If we keep on knowingly electing people who dishonor us with con job campaigns then nothing will ever change. 
Think about how hard real professors had to work and Roman Perez as a minimum wage adjunct lecturer just stole the title for his own self promotion.  


BobbyWC said...

I do not promote other blogs on the BV

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

I am not going to play your distraction game. I cannot account for how other bloggers spell someone's name. I care about the issue as to the candidate only.

This story is not about his spelling of his name - it is about the evidence he is running a con. The spelling mistakes are only evidence of that con.

and for the record Juanito's story ins inaccurate - César filed his designation of Campaign Treasurer in December - that is when he became a candidate and not the other day

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

For the idiots who have no knowledge of any language and the evolution of words.

I remember when I signed up for Spanish for native speakers at UTB. The instructor took off some points for accents and then gave them back because she said - I was correct 20 years ago until the rules had changed. Well I learned which words dropped the accents and the standardized rules of accents.

If you watch old black and white movies with closed caption you will often see to-night, to-day, to-morrow. The hyphen changes all of the time.

During the healthcare debate some papers used one word others two - it is the same with highschool - I prefer the latter because the school is not on drugs.

A lesson for you.

Also in Spanish grammar when the name is hyphenated and you address the person in a formal way you only use the first of the two last names - for example - Wightman-Cervantes is - Mr. Wightman when formally addressing me.

however I much prefer Bobby - why?- because names can be pretentious and misleading - but Bobby forces people to focus in on me and not my last names.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

1.First-person singular (yo) imperfect subjunctive form of cambiar.
2.Third-person singular (él, ella, also used with usted?) imperfect subjunctive form of cambiar.

Actually, it is not a spelling mistake. He meant it to be in the subjunctive, meaning your vote MIGHT change our city. So, you are WRONG, ha,ha,ha...

BobbyWC said...

So you are saying as a candidate he meant to say your vote might change our city versus your vote will change our city.

Do you really believe people will believe his intent was to say might not will.

You are not helping the weasel you are only making it worse

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...


That was a joke. Where is your sense of humor?

However, one has to take him at his word, as written. He is far too stupid to understand.

BobbyWC said...

It was not written as a joke - you could have written - he might have meant might - then it would have been understood as a joke.

But as written it was classic weasel Roman

Bobby WC