Monday, February 9, 2015


On Friday waiting to see if Minerva Peña would call a special board meeting for Tuesday, Otis Powers an accountant during tax season spent his day with Carl Montoya, pacing the office.  The most laughable excuse for their conduct they floated was that BISD's bonding company forced them to buy the insurance against the Board's wishes - no - Otis Powers could have called the Special Board meeting and the Board could have voted on the offered Stopgap insurance. 

Once this excuse fell fat they floated the claim that Cesar Lopez ordered Carl Montoya to cut the check.  Nothing in the memo concerning the purchase of the insurance even references Cesar Lopez -  documents matter morons.  The witnesses who are ready to speak will verify Cesar Lopez called on Carl Montoya and Otis Powers to set a special meeting to vote on the offered Stopgap insurance and they did not.

But it gets better - there was a bid the Board was never allowed to see.  It was at a significant savings to BISD over McGriff - so why was the bid withheld from the Board? - the FBI hopefully will figure that one out when the Board orders Baltazar Salazar to take all of the known documents to the FBI and ask for their intervention in the investigation.

The Klement Agency bid was never presented to the Board for consideration.  Why?  Could this be why?  Those extra fees being charged by McGriff make for a nice kick-back.

The below three pages are the letter sent by the Klement agency on January 22, 2015.  It outlines the deal the Board never saw because Carl Montoya's administration kept it from the Board.  Anything less than the new majority ordering Baltazar Salazar to take the documents to the FBI and asking for their assistance is unacceptable.



Anonymous said...

You have to remember this is BISD. This is the way it is. This is not the first or last time this will happen. It is VERY transparent to all of us. We vote them in so in a way it IS our fault. Please stop giving us hope by mentioning FBI. Everybody looks the other way. Where is TEA or the teacher unions, the politicians, the businessmen, the parents, school personnel, etc.etc. There have been so many good people(such as yourself) who
have tried to make to make a difference but they just give up because the cancer is so spread with too many tentacles. Kudos to u for bringing this out. GBY

Anonymous said...

Rosie Pena has to be behind this. Check it out. That is the way she operates.

BobbyWC said...

My source says Judy Cuellar was a key figure in keeping the Klement bid from the board.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Most border towns are filled with pistols, politicians and pedos. When an honest person tries to fix the system, they become public enemy number one. Bisd board need to follow process but not ignore the failures of the system. Fix the problems even if it means stepping on big political shoes. Board...follow process and policy and get someone who will lead without the fear of politicians.