Thursday, February 26, 2015

He has been festering all day obsessing - as is his wont.  I've lost count on the number of moronic threatening comments he has posted today.  His home is one wherein the coordinates showed up with the IP address.   
The home is probably that of some unsuspecting woman or a family member giving him a couch to sleep on.
Ipm, you never learned journalism is not about the placement of the comma, it is about the accuracy of the story. 
Stop obsessing and go away -
You have spent years bragging about bedding down women who could not resist your charm at first glance and now you want everyone to believe you did not hit on someone you met only once.  You accuse an innocent woman as part of your obsession of unprofessionally leaking information which you know to be a lie, and you say I should apologize.  Imp the Edinburg facility is just down the way from you - go check in.
The most moronic comment was Charlie Cabler has filed criminal charges against me for threatening to kill him - never happened - but in the Imp's obsessive mind - it is real.
Yes Imp trash my mother - that is the style of a failed journalist who cannot even write a good smut novella.
You are the only person unaware threats have no impact on me -


BobbyWC said...

Imp, when you say I dare you to post this you come across as a five year old.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Pssst....Bobby: The Imp is a putz! He makes up stuff from second hand news he read elsewhere and calls it a breaking story.

BobbyWC said...

Here is the deal - the Imp is sick - for 6-12 months I never even acknowledge him. He attacked on a regular basis - I just ignored him. The rejected posts came all day every day. He was obsessed and falling apart that I would not react or even acknowledge his existence.

He is sick - I do not say that lightly - come at me Imp and remember I get all of your medical records.

For every thousand or so words he uses against me I maybe use 1 against him.

He is obsessed with everyone who rejects him.

Brownsville rejected him. This is why he hates it and must demean it daily.

Only the BV promotes Brownsville in a positive light with its logo.

The BV is the only blogger who covered Allegiant Air - why? It is important to Brownsville. It is a great marketing tool for winter Texans. It was a good day for Brownsville - the Imp dismissed it as nothing of value. The other bloggers were too busy thinking of ways to trash Brownsville to go to the airport for the press conference to cover this great moment for Brownsville.

So I celebrate Allegiant and the Imp dismisses it and in his sick mind this means I am trashing Brownsville and he is praising it.

In his mind he is not lying - he really believes dismissing Allegiant Air is praising Brownville while me celebrating it is demeaning and hating Brownsville - he is a very sick man.

I praise Brownsville all of the time for its natural resources. Like so many others I get frustrated when I see inept leadership leave Brownsville behind when its natural resources should have it as the capital of the LRGV.

We should be a major city of 400,000 and are not because of inept leadership, and bloggers like the Imp, McHale, Barton, and Juanito - not everything is a kick-back - they can produce no evidence Tenaska is paying kickbacks to anyone, but they will keep on claiming it because the low information people who read their blogs believe every lie which supports their pathetic excuses for living.

Believe in Brownsville's natural resources, weather, the gulf, air, rail, trucking, a great port, and its amazing people and watch Brownsville blossom.

I celebrate Southmost all of the time. It is my absolute favorite part of time. I love where I live now, but boy the Southmost people are neighbors and know how to cook on the weekends and enjoy themselves. They are good people - the kind of people who make Brownsville a wonderful place to live.

I am very excited about the May elections. We shall see come Friday afternoon.

I hope Cesar can fix his ballot access problem. He is bright - he has studied what needs to get studied. Something Barton will never understand - very intelligent people sometimes miss the smallest things. It happens.

Jessica and Rick joined with Cesar will guarantee Lincoln Park is saved. The only variable is will John Villarreal change sides again based on promises from Tony.

Yea, Cesar will need someone to make sure he does not miss the little things - but on policy he will lead. I do not expect Jessica, Rick and Cesar to always agree, but I think the three together will give Brownsville the chance it needs.

I am very excited over the prospect of these three leading Brownsville.

We can do this if we just believe.

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

I spent months ignoring the Imp - he only got worse - he is a virus of death on everything human and decent.

Unfortunately as is always the case when someone takes him on directly his delusions become worse.

Pay attention Imp - "get" means future - not now in the present - when you post I am claiming to have your medical records all you prove to people is you either never learned English or your delusions are interfering with your cognitive skills.

I have never ever said a negative word about your mother - you then threaten to trash my mother - in fact you already have - your wont is to assume everyone you hate is fat - and use the same trite language over and over ageing because you lack creatively in your writing.

We all know what is going to happen your obsession with Brownsville and me will cause your family again to demand you get off the Internet -

Your cognitive skills are failing you fast because of your delusions of grandeur - I just spoke of Bela thriving at school on Tuesday - how is this me forgetting Bela?

What is sad Imp is you actually believe what you write - you believe my readers are too stupid to realize I spoke of her success in school just days ago.

Here is riddle for the failed journalist and smut writer - why do you have to keep on telling people no one reads my blog if no one reads it? Why does McHale have to post your moronic hate for it to get read?

Yes my dear Maria - your delusions of grandeur have destroyed your cognitive skills.

Get a life - Brownsville with all of its beauty, potential, and people will always be galaxies ahead of you. You will never compete with Brownsville because Brownsville has something you never had - beauty, potential and inner strength

Believe in Brownsville - but hold the fire to the feet of those who try and deceive us on the blogs and those who try and deceive us in elective office.

The people of Brownsville are key to its charm - never allow anyone to demean them for no better reason than - they have nothing worth doing with their life otherwise.

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

Hey Imp, a friend just reminded me - you know who told me about La llorana - it was Cris who was told to use her against you - you know who told him - Jerry - you are all alike - Cris, you and Jerry

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Bobby, I saw the imp's novels at the dollar store the other day. Laying right next to some very inexpensive toilet paper.LOLOLOL!!!

BobbyWC said...

Actually i think the reason tbey are so expensive is they only print them when ordered