Monday, February 9, 2015


You cannot take aware from them the fact they bring an awareness to special needs children.  But that's about it - as in the case of Evita the money keeps rolling in, but where it is going is highly questionable.

Last week I received a phone call from a lawyer who discovered my name through documents they obtained in an open records request at BISD.  They wanted my insight into the dismissal situation at BISD concerning special needs children. I help a lot of families in preparing for ARDs, due process complaints, and TEA complaints.  The best I can determine one of the families told the lawyer I had prepared their paperwork.

I do not charge money.  In fact many cost me money because the family does not have money for copies or postage.  I do not raise money for my efforts.  I have not formed a non-profit I can use to bill for my home internet services among other things.  I just do it - why?  I don't know - it seems natural.

Nothing turns my stomach more than when people use children for personal purposes.  The Zarates could have accomplished everything they have done without a 501c,  Their only real accomplishment is awareness - and to be frank with you families all over the world work on the issue of awareness without a 501c or raising money, to pay for their office internet connection.

The one place the Zarates have been dead silent is the one place special needs children are suffering the most - at BISD.  BISD is the front line of the war against special needs children.  I have yet to see them demand change at BISD.

In fact Sergio and Dolores Zarate threw the special needs children of BISD under the bus by aligning with Art Rendon and Cata Presas-Garcia.  They were given access to BISD property without proper authority by Art Rendon.  BISD children repeatedly had to be protected by the TEA over Art Rendon's abuse and neglect of special needs children. The Zarates were dead silent, but then they got their privileges from Art Rendon.

More on Rendon's corruption this week.  I need to verify two facts which are merely incidental to the story, but make it stronger.


Cata Presas-Garcia and Art Rendon are on their way out the door, and Dolores and Sergio Zarate will be right there defending the indefensible such as they have done for years, while the special needs children of BISD suffer.

Click for verification of all Information on tax returns

A host of items stand out.

Down by the Border is located in Dolores Zarate's law office.  In 2012, Dolores Zarate charged Down by the Border $658.97 for access to her office Internet connection.  In 2011, she charged $420. In 2010 she charged $211.46.

Rent - in 2012 she charged Down by the Border $306.48 rent for use of her office.  In 2011 it was $120.

They file the Down by the Border taxes using IRS Form 990.  "Form 990 is used by tax-exempt organizations."

Can someone explain to me how an organization which is exempt from taxes claims an IRS tax deduction of $2,026.57, and a State Comptroller deduction of $6,184.57.  They got caught doing something wrong, and then wrote it off as a deduction.

On several returns you see seminars and conferences.  Money which should be going to the children are being used for travel.  Sounds like Cata Presas-Garcia - no?
Given the above for your morning entertainment I am compelled to provide the following.

Vendors are reporting money tied to the Lucios is rolling in to pay for the Sergio Zarate's campaign.  I have reported Zarate's campaign is about the Brownsville city commission voting to relinquish land acquired through extra territorial jurisdiction.  Eddie Lucio III represents the Port Isabel interests.  Sergio Zarate is on leave from Eddie Lucio III'd office.  Both Lucios have tried legislation to force the process, and failed.

This is sickening.  Without their daughter to shill for notoriety the Zarates could not get the time of day from anyone.  I do want to make clear - the Zarate's have a difficult path with their daughter.  They have devoted extraordinary time and effort into their daughter.  But their personality types zero out their efforts for their daughter.  The efforts for their daughter are real and sincere - but their innate attraction to the most corrupt of the corrupt in Cameron county taints beyond repair everything they do for their daughter.

I get they have a difficult path ahead of them.  But so too do many parents with special needs children.  Those parents do not use their challenges in caring for an extraordinary child to justify association with the most corrupt politicos found in Cameron county.


Anonymous said...

If you are running the non-profit from your office on your spare time, and your heart is truly in it, why bill the non-profit you yourself run? Who is approving these bills? Is there a board of directors, and are they legally required to have one? How much was spent on travel? Who are their checks and balances?

Anonymous said...

I don't understand how they abuse the system unless they are charging parents for some type of representation. Brownsville has many fine folks including the Zarates who want to do good and for that I commend them. If they are charging poor needy families of special needs children for representation or other services they should stop doing that. If they are taking advantage of the district in anyway, the problem is not them but the system leadership for allowing it.

Anonymous said...

What privileges did they get from Art Rendon? Please be specific.

BobbyWC said...

You are not helping yourself Sergio> The IRS filing say all they need to say.

During the Joe Rod mess and use of BISD property it came out that Art Rendon allowed Down by the Border to us BISD property for a non-BISD event.

Personally I think it is BS for anyone to complain.

This is why Sergio is trying to use it as a distraction.

My issue was and remains - he has never denounced Art Rendon for his dismal record of special needs children - which raises the question - why not - he claims to care about special needs children - but yet the Zarates are silent when it comes to their friend

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Of course it is callow to complain but there are many worthy organizations so where do you draw the line? My feeling is that you don't draw the line, these are buildings bought and paid for with public funds and they should be used as much as possible by legitimate, non-profit public organizations providing it does not interfere with educating children. But then what do you do when the open to all, not for profit Committee For The Restriction of Minority Groups (made up name/organization)or some other abhorrent organization of tax payers wants to use the facilities? I don't know.
By the way, if I had a challenged child and I saw a way to improve his plight by associating with the devil I would do it. Furthermore, until you have faced those challenges, I am not sure you have much standing to damn someone for doing it.

BobbyWC said...

So you admit associating with the devil is okay when you have a special needs child, and then being two faced and appearing before his Holiness Pope Francis.

I have been there - just because I do not use it to gain attention to myself does not mean I have not been there.

I fight tooth and nail every day for these kids - I have been there - I know what it is like to watch a father collapse in a parking lot threatening to kill himself blaming himself for his child's disabilities. And you know what - we played by the rules and got the child help and never once had to compromise with the devil.

I teach faith to the parents. It was my faith which got me through my own experience - I never once considered associating with anyone who was tainted to get what I needed.

But now everyone knows your standard - if you have a special needs child sleep with the devil to get what you want - has it made her healthier - nope - it has only made more and more people despise her parents.

Thanks god her situation will keep her from ever knowing how far her parents were willing to go to get nothing - but all in her name.

You are not helping one bit.

Your argument is - to get access to BISD it is okay to sacrifice all of the other special needs children - yes the devil was involved.

How desperately pathetic.

There is so much more to come.

Again I thank god their daughter will never know the truth.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Just for the record, such event was held by the Down by the Border in association with the City of Brownsville and the Brownsville Independent School District. The event was a Down Syndrome Awareness Event for the Community at Ringgold Park. The event was free. Students and teachers from BISD volunteered their time and efforts to make it a fun day at the park (games, music, live entertainment) for Down Syndrome Awareness. Yes, the Zarate's and a committee of volunteers organized the event for a worthy cause.

BobbyWC said...

And just for the record I said I have no problem with the event - just keep on lying because that is all you have.

My issue is their failure to protect the other special needs children through their silence of the BISD mess and in particular Art Rendon -

But then like you said - hey the devil and screw all of the other special needs children who have suffered under the endless incompetence of BISD and in particular Art Rendon.

You have to be friends with the devil before you stand for special needs children first.

And trust me, what I am not printing makes what I printed look like a pathetic soft ball.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Both Zarates are known for their lack of competence and massive egos. This is heartbreaking to know they have been using these funds for personal uses. To the person who is most likely Sergio saying they made a deal with devil, SHAME ON YOU! I personally have been deceived into supporting down by the border only to find out my money was not used on the children I thought I was supporting. Once again, thank you Bobby for confirming what the rest of town already suspected.

BobbyWC said...

The money used for promotional events about special needs do educate people.

But my biggest issue is the silence on the disaster which is BISD and special needs

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Sergio Zarate gives you the FBI interviews of David Gonzalez, illegally i might add, and now you bash the hell out of him. Wow!

BobbyWC said...

First of all you are an idiot - there is no court order which prohibited the releasing of the FBI 302 Interviews. So on that account you are wrong. Second Juanito posted first that there was nothing in the 302 to see - well as we all know he lied.

Third it was then and remains my position that all of the 302 Interviews needed to be released so the community has the entire truth.

I have been told no one in the Villalobos family released them. I do not believe this. The FBI did not release them - so who else was there?

So what you are saying is, if someone givens me a document but then runs for public office I should not cover the story.

You're a complete and total idiot.

I report the good the bad and the ugly. I have told this to my readers over and over again.

Now if I were to protect people based on them providing me information during an election, would that not make them a sacred cow?

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Anyone that knows the Zarate family will testify that their commitment to Special Needs children and the countless hours they volunteer to the cause exceeds by far any discrepancies you are trying to fabricate. Your weak disclosure of their activities is what should be considered shameful. They are a class act family and asset to our community.

BobbyWC said...

Do you really believe you are helping them by posting verifiable lies. What fabricated discrepancies? I posted the IRS return which proves each statement.

It is a fact he is quoted nowhere defending the children of BISD against the endless abuses the special needs children suffer.

The lawyers working on what could turn out to be a lawsuit asking that the federal courts take control of BISD are not calling on the Zarates for information - they know they are the ones who have spent years covering for their friends at BISD - the lawyer is falling me because I am the one on record over and over and over again going after BISD for the abuses.

I am the one who brought Disability Inc to Brownsville to educate parents in how to protect their children from BISD.

I raised no money - I just did what had to be done.

But keep on believing the myth.

There is a lot more in the coming weeks coming out on BISD - and where will the Zarates be - dead silent - because they do not care about addressing the abuses at BISD - which means it is all about protecting their friends

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

"....children of BISD against the endless abuses the special needs children suffer."

Please be specific of the abuse. The above comment is all about "I". The community has not seen you before the board of trustee complaining about such abuse of children with disabilities. If you have the prove take it to the board and get those people responsible for such abuse out of the school district. The Zarates are not the problem, the ones that are vocal and fail to do something are the problem.

Anonymous said...

Class act? What planet do you live on? They are mean, rude and frauds

Anonymous said...

I have read this page for years and ive never commented to the comments. Has the Irs been notified of these personal expense? If they know about this organization being use for personal expense, they audit. Please dont let them use helpless children.

BobbyWC said...

Things are rolling in the right direction. I am so tired of the con jobs, the giving away of Brownsville - which is why the Lucios recruited Sergio to begin with.

There is so much more to come

Bobby WC