Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Apparently the Board Members are already asking people to serve.  I got two phone calls asking me what I think would be good questions.  I will post here what I told these two individuals

My interest is qualifications - a citizen on this committee who uses the opportunity to say no because the candidate gives an answer to a specific problem is not serving the people.  The goal must be to learn if the candidate is qualified, not if they will go in and help people on the committee to settle scores.  Also using the process to trash any trustee would be unprofessional.


1.  In your view what is the proper relationship between the trustees and the superintendent?

2.  In your view if a trustee tries to micromanage you, how should you best respond?

3.  In your view what is the role of the Administration in advising the trustees as to policy or contracts?

4.  In your view, if a trustee[s] is unhappy with the recommendation of the Administration how best can the Administration avoid such a problem in the future?

5.  In your view what is the proper role of the superintendent in regards to those who work under the superintendent?  In other states it is no longer a requirement you be certified as a superintendent to be hired as a superintendent.  The philosophy is a retired CEO can better perform the job of a school superintendent than a former teacher.  Do you believe a superintendent can function as a traditional CEO instead of as a traditional superintendent, and if yes, how does this benefit the district. If no why is a CEO management style bad for a school district.

6.  Several years ago, BISD hired a supervisor in transportation.   They required you be a certified teacher to qualify for the job.  There are thousands of former military personnel who worked as supervisors in transportation and logistics.  For what BISD offered to pay they could have hired someone who oversaw a battalion.  What is your view on this issue?


7.  What is your current understanding of the law and problems facing school districts concerning truancy and special needs children?

8.  While the law requires all children be given the opportunity of inclusion in a regular classroom, is this the best policy for all children?  If yes, why?  If no, what kind of criteria would you want your staff to look for before recommending to a parent inclusion is not in their child's best interest.

9.  How do you feel about setting benchmarks for the area superintendents?  If an area superintendent were to fail to meet those benchmarks, how would you handle it? 


Anonymous said...


Choose or recommend? Policy states that the authority to select the Superintendent of Schools belongs to the Board of Trustees. Committees can be given the authority to recommend a candidate(s). Good questions.

BobbyWC said...

Now pay attention people - look how this correction was brought to my attention.

My head is spinning - I hope they figure this out tomorrow with the new scan. It is like constant whip lash of my brain. I am sitting still and I feel the brain shake in a quick jerk.

Anyway - thanks for making the BV better - the change is being made

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

The main duties of the Board is to hire the superintendent and make policy, so that the superintendent and administration care them out, however many of the board members don't get it!