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To Arturo Nelson [will not use judge because you have so disgraced the judiciary I will not further damage it by referring to you as a judge] - when you and Abel Limas are lovers in jail, I will be done with you - it is that simple.  The evidence of your corruption is overwhelming - the Herald will run cover for you, but not the BV.  To the lawyers handing over the evidence - thanks.

In the Hector Negrete case the victims are expected to sue Arturo Nelson [no immunity if no jurisdiction - no jurisdiction if you corrupted the process], Luis Saenz, and Louis Sorola.

Because of the Fraud on the Court, the order of dismissal based on double jeopardy is void and the case remains pending - Arturo Nelson do not force the victims to file the mandamus against you to void your order of dismissal - you will lose more than the case
Further, you might want to hire someone who has actually been to a real law school.  If Judge Wittig fails to conduct a hearing on your recusal, your orders will be voided on appeal and Judge Rolando Olvera will take the heat for your conduct, for having appointed Don Wittig, who has proven he has no problem doing business with lawyers before him while overseeing cases.  That would be sad.  But Arturo and Don I know you both - you will throw Rolando Olvera under the bus - how pathetic and corrupt you both are.  It will be sad if each or your respective acts cost Cameron County someone who is poised to be a great federal judge.

Let us not forget Arty Nelson's admission of an ex parte with Judge Limas to make sure Judge Limas' friend got what he wanted.  Okay Arturo since you know nothing about the law I will explain it to you.

You make decisions based on the pleadings, evidence and argument of counsel, not based on what another judge asks you to do - again I strongly recommend you consult an attorney who went to a real law school and does not practice in the cesspool of justice known as Cameron County.

"During Marchan’s trial, the jury heard a conversation between Limas and Nelson. Limas told Nelson that Marchan’s co-counsel in a case needed a continuance and to “play dumb” and “to pretend and just hear the guy out.” Limas also told Nelson that Marchan was helping his co-counsel.
“Understood, understood, understood,” Nelson responded. The continuance was granted.
Nelson, who presides over the 138th Judicial District, said in a written statement on Monday that he would explain it this one time.
“When Abel Limas called me, I was at his court handling his docket and he requested a continuance on one of his cases. I respected the sitting judge’s request on his case, I understood and I granted it,” Nelson said."

Valley Morning Star

See Limas case with the Texas Supreme Court

Further, the Limas case makes clear, a hearing must be had on the basis for the recusal because that basis could mean all orders signed in the case are void.


"The reaction of the remaining courts varied. The 103rd District Court (Judge Menton Murray, Jr. presiding) took the second option, lateraling cases to the 197th District Court. The 138th District Court (Judge Robert Garza presiding) blocked, entering an anti-transfer order because no one had requested his consent. The 357th District Court (Judge Leonel Alejandro presiding) punted, signing a recusal order and transferring cases to the local administrative judge. That court, the 107th District Court (Judge Benjamin Euresti presiding), remained on the sidelines, taking neither offensive nor defensive action in the proceedings."

From the Texas Supreme Court

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